Unoversity: The World’s First Blockchain Knowledge Base Platform

Blockchain, this word seems to be familiar, trending and you have heard your friends discussing its impact on the future and you have not had an opportunity to find the right resources to learn. Unoversity is here to offer you with the perfect solution for your needs.

Unoversity is a consolidated Blockchain knowledge repository to read, learn and update with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trends in the industry. We offer a multitude of resources, from beginners to advanced level to enrich your skills and knowledge in Blockchain technology.

Our offerings:


Unoversity believes education must be free and available to all. With this motive, we offer free Blockchain courses to all students. With the completion of each course, students can avail the certification of merit based on their performance.

Blockchain Assets:

Find the list of top cryptocurrencies with their pricing data and chart movements. This feature helps you to make your investment decision or study the market movements of the top cryptocurrencies.

News and Blogs:

Unoversity gathers the latest trends in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market and makes it accessible to all users. Update yourself with latest news and events in the blockchain space.

Blockchain POC:

With the increase in the number of Blockchain projects emerging from all parts of the world, its difficult to keep track of all projects. Unoversity makes it easy for you to read, learn and update yourselves with the latest blockchain projects.


Unoversity consolidates all video resources related to Blockchain, addressing from basic to advanced level of information discussed by industry experts.

We have consolidated various educational resources for the users to learn from premium e-learning platforms like Khan Academy, Udemy and IBM Blockchain etc.

Find latest podcasts in Blockchain space where entrepreneurs, developers, regulators discuss blockchain and its impact.


If you are an employer or an employee looking for a blockchain job or looking for a candidate with blockchain experience, we have made it simple and easier for you. For all blockchain related jobs, check out the careers option available at Unoversity.

Note: All information and data are available for education purpose only. Unoversity doesn’t offer any investment or trading decision to any of its users.

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