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How to Develop an NFT Project

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  1. The product is assigned a token with a unique ID which is tagged with metadata that cannot be replicated by any other token.
  2. The token is then minted on a Blockchain network (Ethereum is the current standard). This can be likened to how physical coins are minted and placed into circulation.
  3. Using their public key, the owner creates a transaction through a smart contract. This is how you can prove the NFT you own is an original. Only the version created by the original creator will have that specific public key cryptography encoded into it.
  4. The smart contract is executed or signed with a private key.
  5. The transaction can now be run, deploying the NFT to the market, where interested fans can purchase it.
  1. Identify the product or item (physical or digital) that you want to have minted. Remember, this is a new and potentially lucrative market, so put your best foot forward and get creative!
  2. You will need to create a non-custodial crypto wallet on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures that you have a location to collect payments once your NFT is on the market. The non-custodial wallet gives you access to a “seed phrase” which allows you to back up the wallet across multiple platforms and devices. The seed phrase is a randomly generated 12-word code and, if it’s forgotten, you can permanently lose all access to your funds. It is very important to safely store this phrase.
  3. Purchase Ether and transfer it to your wallet. You may be wondering how much ETH you’ll need. By the end of the article you’ll come to have a better understanding of the full costs that can go into creating NFT. For now, keep in mind that there are gas fees involved and it can cost up to US$70 of gas to create the transaction that adds your NFT to the blockchain ledger.
  4. Select your NFT marketplace. The most popular ones today are Rarible and OpenSea, both of which are pretty easy to use. Note that each platform has its own fees and regulations, so you will want to review your options to make the best choice for your sales. Creating through a marketplace completes a number of steps for you, like creating the instance for your transaction on the blockchain ledger, assigning a unique ID and metadata, and executing the smart contract to complete your transaction.
  5. Once your shiny new NFT has been deployed, it will be accessible on that marketplace for interested buyers to bid on and purchase, and you just need to manage the funds coming into your crypto wallet.



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