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Unpsychology issue 8 submissions call: Warm data

Submissions deadline: 31st December 2021

Dear friend of Unpsychology Magazine,

Unpsychology Magazine is a labour of love. We (that is co-editors, Steve Thorp and Julia Macintosh — and past co-editor, Cae Hawksmoor) have been working on it since 2014. We have been fortunate enough to have curated an impressive body of ‘mind-related’ art, writing and reflections from our wonderful contributors. Past issues have explored themes of childhood, climate, music and the other-than-human. As we write, in the Autumn of 2021, we have almost 1700 subscribers, and a growing team of contributors from psychology, art, activism and beyond.

You can download free past issues of Unpsychology at and find a range of other contributions here on our Medium publication at:

We are now inviting submissions for Issue 8 of the magazine.This open call is for submissions of fiction, poetry, artwork, video and creative expressions. Essays and non-fiction are not requested in this instance in this open call*. For this issue will be published in Spring 2022 as a digital and online anthology and will be offered free of charge to ensure maximum circulation of the ideas, writing and artwork.

You can find full details of the submissions call from HERE, where you can also download a pdf version.

Our theme for issue 8 is Warm Data and this special issue is being published in partnership with the Warm Data Host community, that has been growing around the work of Nora Bateson. Co-edited and produced with Nora and others from the Warm Data community, the issue will highlight this work weaving together ideas, stories, poetry and artwork that respond to and emerge from the themes and potential of Warm Data.

In this instance we are not seeking non-fiction or essays in this open call. Those elements are being invited from within the Warm Data Host community.

We are inviting submissions that respond to the theme as creatively as possible and which emerge from the multidimensional aspects of mind and ecology — whether this relate to systems, cultures, individuals or to the wider ecologies we all exist within.

Submissions and queries should be sent to or you can ask any questions about your ideas here on Medium.

With all best wishes

Steve and Julia

Steve Thorp & Julia Macintosh — Co-editors, Unpsychology Magazine




Unpsychology voices is the online version of Unpsychology Magazine. It tells stories about culture, psychology, complexity and soulmaking. We welcome submissions and proposals for this publication. See for the digital Unpsychology Magazine editions.

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Steve Thorp

Integral counsellor & poet. Soul maker. Warm Data host. Edits Unpsychology Magazine & COVID Poetics on Medium.

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