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The following video series was produced as part of my People Need People training and subsequent involvement the Warm Data community between 2020 and 2022. You can find a further article I authored about my Warm Data experiences, entitled, Ceci n’est pas un Sharing Circle, in unpsychology 8: an anthology of warm data.

Download the anthology FREE from www.unpsychology.org

What I enjoy about the process of scribing how it is a channeling of something that is not really coming from my rational structure. Rather, it is a process in which I absorb what is happening around me, and letting something come through me.

In working with animations I am often surprised by what comes: I don’t really know what’s going to happen with the animation as I draw. When I look at the finished piece, I recognise parts of it as having come from my hand…but part of it came from elsewhere.

This also happens when I integrate music into the animation: something really surprising always happens with the music, because I have some sort of idea of what music I want, but when I plug it in, there are synchronicities that I could not even have designed…they come together in a way that I really feel like it’s come from beyond me.

1. Almost Drowning

Swimming in a lake in the early morning, in Sweden.

Almost Drowning: https://youtu.be/3Ne7YsB0J2o

2. Not Just That and Nothing More

A tribute to the work of Nora Bateson. My own humble attempt to depict what is sitting with me now, regarding the indescribability of “relationshipping”, after taking the 2-week training — and feeling like this is just the very beginning. I don’t know what it is. And that’s… totally daunting. And totally OK.

“There is something happening, but it’s not a deliverable.”

Not Just That and Nothing More: https://youtu.be/B10Qotpzk6s (published Dec 12, 2020)

3. People Meet People session

Echoes and ripples of a warm dialogue. I thank Simoon, Yannis, Melanie, Lucy and Maria for being travel companions in this beautiful, warm, adventure.

“Safety… For me is about entering really hard times with total, wild, untethered imagination… together.” Nora Bateson.

People Meet People session : https://youtu.be/AFqGRMOnkXk (published Feb 21, 2021)

4. Interweaving Perceptions Warm Data Lab

From the Warm Data Lab — Creative Tracings with Sofia Batalha: an animation that I was inspired to make by seeing Sofia’s painting and poem. I started using some new video-editing techniques which involved weaving in artwork, pictures, photos and footage from others.

It is “art arising, emerging, and submerging from within the Warm Data Village” (Anna Hanschmidt).

Interweaving Perceptions Warm Data Lab : https://youtu.be/E9aakFm3vsk (published Apr 11, 2021)

5. Slice of Cheese — Warm Data criterion #6

This is a personal visual interpretation/rendering of a piece of rigorous Theory (blended with delicious Story) that I experienced during my participation in one of the sessions of the Warm Data Lab Host Training. As Nora Bateson shared an anecdote to illustrate one of the seven Warm Data criteria, I began to doodle… and this is what emerged.

Slice of Cheese — Warm Data criterion #6: https://youtu.be/CQz_oVp9gJ4 (publ. Apr 21, 2021)

6. Biases

How can we see through our biases, and connect through the patterns-that-connect (us)? What are the sacred spaces of coming together, where the flows of being can combine and learn from each other? And what might be the interposed blocks and filters that cut us off from one another?

A(nother) personal visual interpretation and animated rendering, inspired by Day 5 of the Warm Data Lab & Online PNP Host Training (April 2021 edition) by Nora Bateson

Biases: https://youtu.be/clSDVgpyAyg (published May 4, 2021)

7. Aphanipoiesis 1

This is a first version of what Nora Bateson’s paper on Aphanipoiesis had inspired me to create back when the paper was yet unpublished, as I was still testing out ideas on how to convey the notion of “emerging submerged-ness”, that would have an “underwater” quality to it. Like when a ray of sunlight cuts through the water, like the beam of a torchlight. And then of course I found myself meandering through and around some of those initial ideas…

Aphanipoiesis 1: https://youtu.be/ohsS6v3nans (published Jan 29, 2022)

8. Aphanipoiesis 2

An ode to Nora’s work and to what she is able to awaken and stir, not just in the hearts and minds of those of us who have the privilege of being in dialogue with her, but also deeper and farther beyond.

Aphanipoiesis 2: https://youtu.be/SB75gklI0iA (published Nov 5, 2021)

9. OPAL — a multiple description

In a deepening exercise of the In Your Elbows course, a 5-month journey “soaking in Warm Data”, we were invited to explore the notion of “multiple description” around an element or object of our choice. I chose my opal stone.

#warmdata #exercise #ecology #communication

OPAL — a multiple description: https://youtu.be/NZmjWDr3D7I (published Nov 14, 2021)


More about myself and my work in this article.



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