Social Media Performance Monitoring 101 For Brands

Jan 22, 2018 · 4 min read

It is not enough for brands to have a social media presence. Getting the attention of their target audience should be paramount. Unfortunately, attention doesn’t come easily. Which is why every content published on social media must be measured and tracked for the utmost outcome.

Social media should be treated as a component of the overall marketing strategy. Hence, some thought should be put into every content before it is fed to the audience. A brand needs to develop a good social media strategy tailored to its audience, provide quality content and monitor the performance. Another key point is to focus on the platform its audience use.

Measuring the performance of posts leads to the discovery of what works, what doesn’t and a continuous iteration until the brand’s objectives are met. Below are five metrics which must be monitored.


Reach is the number of unique people who saw your content. This affects every other metric. There are five types of reach: Post, Page, Organic, Viral and Paid. Post reach measures the number of people who saw a particular post. Page reach is the number of people who saw any content you created either weekly, monthly or daily. It is not limited to a post but a series of posts and page views within a specific period. Viral reach is the number of unique people who saw your post or page mentioned from a story published by a friend. Paid reach is the number of people who saw your content as a result of running ads. Reach indicates a brand’s effective audience.

To grow your reach, create and curate business-worthy content regularly.

Follower Growth

Build a community online by actively growing your follower base. A high number of followers helps you gain credibility and gives more reach per post. If you can organically reach 10 people out of your 100 followers per post, you can reach much more when your followers increase to 100,000. The data below show the size of the online community of Telecommunication networks in Ghana.


On social media, every Like, Comment, Share or Link Clicked must be measured. As a brand, you need to gather feedback from your followers. Whether good or bad you want their feedback on what they think about your content and business as a whole. Get your followers to interact with your post and page regularly. If your goal is to create brand awareness, acquire new customers, generate leads or conversions, your follower engagement gives a clue on what to keep doing and what to shun. When you want to build a relationship with your audience and brand loyalty, this is the main metric to focus on.

Comparing the data on Follower Growth displayed above and the data on Engagement displayed below, the difference between the two is captured. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the follower size is greater than the level of engagement. Youtube garners more engagement than followers. This may be an indication that people appreciate more video content from Telcos than any other forms. Telcos paying attention to these metrics will publish more video content on YouTube and attract more returns.

Source: Ghana Digital Index | Last Update: Jan 22 2018 8:17AM

Times of Engagement

To increase engagement, time of publishing content must be in sync with the time your followers are live on social media. Measuring this metric will save you from publishing at wrong times.Be sure to be consistent enough with the time and measure the results as you go.

Audience Demographics

Audience with a range of demographics will interact with your page. Whether paid reach or organic reach, pay attention to these demographics — interest, hobbies, educational level, location, gender, etc. Find the common statistics that strings them together. Understand their needs by analysing who they are from the data collected. Then fine-tune your content to suit their needs.

Every single activity on your social media account should give a better insight of your audience and content. Analyse the data and make projections accordingly.


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