Legit Financial Cents: A Primer to Understanding Personal Finance

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So you’ve recently graduated college. Congrats. You put in some hard work and kicked that coke addiction before walking across that stage in front of your family and friends. You should be proud. Somehow the scrubbing of your online persona was enough to get your foot in the door a a moderately prestigious consulting firm. Kiss your good years goodbye.

Every five or so days, your new masters will allow you the chance to leave the 20 mile radius you temporarily are calling home. This home may be in a new, shiny foreign city! But most likely it’s in the basement directly under the room you were coddled in your entire life. Go out for a drink; Take a vacation; you’ve earned it!

Or you could take a moment and listen to your future self. Your future self is not someone you want to hang out with (as that schmuck is quite lame), and with any luck, you’ll never encounter one another. You may never meet, but you certainly will feel each other’s pain.

With some smart moves today, you and your future self can YOLO yacht style.

1). Learn to Save Now, Before You Realize What Money Can Buy

It’ll be much easier to

Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal is one book I couldn’t put down.