TGIF 8.25.16

The legacy of “Thank Goodness It’s Funny”

The day would drag on. You know the one. Friday. Only an excruciating few more hours until disproportionately temporary reprieve from oppression. Although it never seemed like it would arrive, by gummmit, each week it did.

You burst out of your school and onto the raucous bus, or beat the well travelled pavement, or if you were so fancy, hoped in mom’s waiting jaguar.

Perhaps next you were off to grandmas. Maybe it was to the park to meet up with friends. Hopefully it was to Blockbuster video to pay the equivalent of $8 in 2016 dollars to rent a plastic encased computer chip or magnetic tape with the latest media on it for 41 hours. God help your soul if you didn’t rewind.

Many a variable on a Friday evening, but one thing was constant. By 8PM ET, you were ass down in the couch or on the floor in front of the tube in the right mood, waiting to be shown how it’s done.

That’s right. We all were there. Waiting. Waiting for that glorious block of situational heaven dubbed the pitch men dubbed TGIF.

ménage à trois anyone?

Some of the most beloved characters and relationships of our time began on this ever changing line-up of four shows that appealed to our better selves. Most were family oriented, all were talked about Monday morning (wtf Cory…get your head out of any girls shirt that isn’t named Topanga).

In this weekly series, we will discuss the origin of the TGIF phenomenon, as well as highlight some of the finest moments to ever come out of of network television.

It’s Friday night/And the mood is right/Gonna have some fun/Show you how it’s done…TGIF! Sit back and relax.