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Happy Employees Work Better (Part 1): What it means for Organizational Productivity?

This is how happiness can help you and your company achieve accelerated success.

Many theories & surveys have proved that personal happiness has a direct impact on your workplace productivity. Happy and satisfied employees are known to spike productivity by a significant amount. In fact, personal happiness is the most important factor to enhance your workplace productivity.


Happiness Drives Creativity & Promotes Success

A happy and satisfied person can only unleash his/her hidden potential. When a person is happy, (s)he is better inclined to focus on professional duties. When you are happy, your brain functions better, it unlocks a creative spree and helps you solve the complex problems. What’s more, happiness is contagious. This means when an employee is happy then other employees around him/her are happy. They can also make clients happier with fewer efforts.

How Happiness Helps an Organization Increase Productivity, Profit and Progress?

Happy Employees are More Engaged

Happiness directly has an impact on your ability to stay engaged at work. When you are happy, you enjoy what you are doing. This makes you committed to your professional endeavors, creating better opportunities for success. According to a Global Human Capital Trends Report, by Deloitte, only 23% of the companies believe that their employees are aligned with their goals. This means that a large part of the population simply isn’t happy with their work and are not being productive at work. This lack of engagement at work has an impact on happiness that in turn reduces productivity.

Happiness Increases Bottom Line

When an organization has happy employees, it is better equipped to handle challenging scenarios. A happy staff is positive to take on the challenges and present creative ways to tackle problems. Moreover, happy employees serve clients in a better way, thus increasing the overall efficiency of various organizational processes.

Happiness Invokes Positive Work Environment

Happy employees are more efficient than others. They tend to invoke an environment of positivity around themselves and make the workplace more productive. When people have a positive outlook towards life, they collaborate better with fellow teammates and contribute more towards organizational growth.

Happiness Improves Retention Rates

Happiness improves personal satisfaction and contentment rates. When an employee is satisfied with work and receives regular appreciations, (s)he will stick to an organization for a long time. Happy employees reflect their satisfaction in their work performance. When the organization too acknowledges such employees and appreciates their performance, it creates a symbiotic relationship that is based on personal happiness and impacts productivity, profitability and retention rates.

How to Make Employee Happy?

Encourage your employees to follow these simple happiness tips to significantly increase happiness, contentment and productivity at workplace:

Think less & stay optimistic

Smile more & spread good vibes

Act with honesty

Be appreciative

Love your work and find inner calling

Build & maintain meaningful relationships

Indulge in deep conversations

Listen to others mindfully

Ditch technology & maximize in-person contact

Exercise regularly & take care of your health

An organization should foster the culture that catalyzes the above mentioned behavior.

At the end…

Happiness is a strong emotion. In fact, positivity and happiness collectively can perform more wonders than all complex management principles combined. When an employee is happy, he/she does not require extrinsic motivation to make them committed. So, it’s better to invest in increasing their personal happiness if you want to increase their impact on organizational growth.

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