Come do XP at Unruly

Would you like to work in a team where XP is treated seriously? Would you like to work in a great physical environment with great colleagues? Would you like to work for me? Would you like to be an XP/Agile coach in an environment like that?

Unruly is hiring to increase our development capacity — we’ve plenty of good ideas in the pipeline and we’d like to get more of them to market, faster. That’s the bland kind of stuff that you’d expect to hear from everyone, so let me add some personal commentary.

We’re not perfect. Right now we’re pretty good, but we’re not great. Yet. We aspire to greatness — we want people who get satisfaction from doing a good job, on multiple levels, and agitate for change. But we’re also heavily commercial, so the more you can understand our commercial goals, and the more you’re able to articulate change in commercial terms, the more successful you’ll be. So you need to aspire to greatness, but have some patience as well.

Still, Unruly is one of only two places where no one has placed explicit constraints on me (the other place was Cogent, where I was co-founder). Everything is up for grabs, and I really appreciate the freedom, even when I’m working hard.

We have gold cards, which are very close to 20% time, every development team member gets a self-directed conference allowance, and we have Friday afternoon drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic — this isn’t a brogrammer culture).

There are links to specific roles below — you can apply direct to the email address in the roles, or you can send me an email at, either to apply or ask questions.

We have a bias towards flexible developers who are willing to work in Java, Javascript, and other languages, but we also look for people with deep expertise in one area. Don’t worry too much about the levels mentioned in the job descriptions, we’re flexible on that. We also encourage team rotations and knowledge sharing, so you won’t be siloed.

Available roles: