Healing From Internalized Whiteness

Rather: Healing From the Belief that You Need to be Healed From Internalized Whiteness

I wrote a satirical piece last week about social justice con-men using racist SJW ideology to make money off of people who have bought into it and are seeking absolution for their perceived sins of whiteness or maleness or some other kind of “privilege.” Perhaps one of the grossest of these indoctrination seminars is the “Healing From Internalized Whiteness” 3-Day Training offered by Everyday Feminism. Cough up $475 — $600 and you too can learn the ideologically correct answers to these burning questions from their website, below.

In the interest of keeping you from becoming the monster you fight (for this course and others like it *are meant* to turn you into a racist if you aren’t already) I’m going to answer their questions below, for free. Hopefully this will not only save you some money and sanity, but it will prevent you from cultivating racial prejudice and unearned guilt and fear as a result of buying into this toxic belief system.


  • How can I make sure I don’t accidentally say something racist — when I don’t know what’s racist and what’s not?

How can you not know what’s racist? Are you judging someone based on their race and treating them differently because of it? That’s racist.

If you’re confused about what racism is, I’d suggest you stop buying into convoluted and manipulated redefinitions of the term that make it possible for you to fear being “accidentally” racist because you no longer know what is racist and what’s not. There is a reason this ideology seeks to confuse you with the bogus prejudice + power redefinition. You can control people by controlling language. Quit letting them control you with nonsense.

  • How can I know what to do without burdening a person of color to educate me — but still somehow follow their leadership?

See, what you’re doing here is treating people of color differently because of their race. That’s racism. Do you equally worry about “burdening” white people? No? Do you try to “follow (white people’s) leadership?” No? Then why are you singling out people of color? Why are you dividing people up by race and treating them differently based on it?

Because someone told you that’s the way to CURE racism? Think about that for a minute. More racism is not the way to end racism. Accepting their new redefinition of racism is what allows them to manipulate you in such a way. Suddenly you are now treating people differently because of race, in order to oppose treating people differently because of race. How on earth did you get here?

And maybe more importantly, why are you looking to others, based on their race, to “know what to do?”

  • How do I know when speaking up against racism ends up speaking over people of color?

Again, why are you singling out people of color here? Do you equally worry about speaking over white people? No? Why not? Are white people somehow better able to be spoken over? Why would you condescend to people of color in such a way? Stop adjusting your thoughts and words and behavior based on the race of the person you are interacting with. Don’t you see that they are making you into a racist? They are using your fear of being racist, to turn you into one. And charging you a pretty penny to do it!

  • What do I do when I realize I’ve been unconsciously stereotyping and judging people of color?

Stop doing it. Believing people of color are unable to withstand disagreement, are unable to make an argument, and are incapable of being treated the same way you’d treat a white person is a pretty condescending stereotype based on race.

  • What do I do with my guilt around having white privilege?

Why would you feel guilty for your race or for something you haven’t done? Why would you feel guilty for something people with your skin color did? Would you equally feel pride for something people with your skin color did? I’m sure there are a number of things that you yourself have done that are worthy of guilt or pride. Stop allowing people with bad intentions to co-opt your guilt and spread it around to things you have no control over. Focus on your own actions and figure out why you are carrying around so much guilt in the first place. Often, we displace our guilt from real things we’ve done that we’re too afraid to admit or address. It’s easier to convince ourselves we feel collectively guilty over things we didn’t actually do and have no control over, than it is to take a good hard look at individual choices and actions that could be the cause of our feelings of guilt. Ask yourself: what is feeling needlessly guilty over “white privilege” keeping me from addressing and resolving in my life?

  • What do I do with my fear around talking to other white people about racism when they get so angry with me?

Instead of assuming you are the only person with something to teach someone, try listening to them and see if you can understand their point of view. Maybe, just maybe, you can learn something from them. Stop treating white people and people of color differently. Stop it. If someone is angry with you, try to treat them with compassion instead of with contempt.

  • What do I do with my fear that I’ll never get it right and that I’ll always just mess it up as a white person?

“…as a white person?” That’s your problem. You are more than your race. Your race is not your identity. Focus on trying to get things right as yourself. Quit believing the racism-peddlers. The best way to fight racism is NOT to become so consumed with race, that it’s the first thing you notice and the thing upon which you base your stereotypes and treatment of others.

You are being made ill by racist snake-oil salesmen feeding you a poisonous ideology, and then you’re paying those same con-men to “heal” you by pumping more of the foul stuff down your throat. You’re like the child of someone with Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, at the mercy of an ideology that is making you sick so that it might try to “cure” you with more of the same.

No wonder you have so many questions. No wonder you live in constant fear of saying the “wrong” thing. You want to be healed? Find your backbone. Find out what YOU believe and try to seek the truth instead of what is “correct” in your ideological bubble. If it smells fishy, it’s probably fishy. Stop buying into the very thing that’s making you sick.