The Washington Post is the sewer of Fake News

How many times can The Washington Post wipe its ass on the front page of its own newspaper before the American people turn away in disgust?

I’m counting three times in the past week. And these are major stories, the kind a credible news organization would be expected to make sure they get correct.

Let’s go in chronological order:

#1) The FBI was expanding its Russia investigation by asking for more money and resources — that’s why Comey was fired!!!

The Washington Post broke this story on May 10, 2017. Soon after, every other Corporate Globalist Establishment Anti-Trump Media™ outlet repeated the claim with exponentially increasing hysteria, and all of them referencing the Washington Post article.

Washington Post — May 10, 2017

Explosive stuff. But who are the officials who “say” this? Read the article from top to bottom and back again and you won’t find out. No one will take credit for this statement. They are “unnamed” sources!

Washington Post May 10, 2017
Without a name the information cannot be corroborated, and the unnamed person is unaccountable for their statements. But you, dear reader, can rest assured that these anonymous people are entirely credible and “familiar with the situation.” Because they said so.

Is there anyone who is willing to come forward under their own name and make a statement on this story? Why, yes. Yes, there is.

The Department of Justice spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores, says the story is “totally false.”

The Right Scoop May 10, 2017
Washington Post May 10, 2017

But don’t take her word for it. Why not ask the acting Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe?

The Daily Wire May 10, 2017
CNBC May 11, 2017

So the Department of Justice and the FBI both say the story is untrue, but we should believe the Washington Post’s anonymous sources? I don’t think so.

#2) Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was so incensed at Trump’s lies that he threatened to quit over the Comey firing!!!!!

The Washington Post has been busy. On the same day as their now discredited story on the FBI requesting more money for the Russia investigation, they also wrote that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to quite because of the way Trump handled the Comey firing.

Washington Post May 10, 2017
Washington Post May 10, 2017

Notice how all these allegations come from “people close to the White House” (but not actually in the White House?) who won’t give you their names.

When a news story is based entirely on unnamed sources, that is the definition of Fake News. It is the laziest kind of journalism, also known as court stenography, which doesn’t require any actual journalistic work.

If you were a reporter and an unnamed source told you that a specific person had threatened to do something, as a journalist who investigates stories would you contact that person and ask them to corroborate or deny the allegation? Makes sense. But not if you’re The Washington Post, you wouldn’t. You just crack your knuckles and start typing. That’s the way you learned it in your mother’s basement.

When some actual journalist caught up with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and asked them about the story, he said it was absolutely false.

CNBC May 11, 2017
ABC / WJLA May 11, 2017
Fortune May 12, 2017

Once again, the people who will put their names to their statements, the people who actually know what they are talking about, deny the story which only comes from anonymous unnamed sources.

Anonymous unnamed sources used to be called gossip and hearsay. Now it is called journalism.

#3) Trump leaked confidential intelligence to Russian agents!!!!!!!!!

A reasonable person would think that after stinking up the news cycle with two discredited stories based on anonymous sources, The Washington Post would show contrition.

But a reasonable person has little ability to predict the actions of irrational organizations like The Washington Post, which has become a gossip rag under the ownership of Amazon billionaire and CIA stooge, Jeff Bezos.
Google results for “Jeff Bezos 600 million CIA”

So what is the latest simulated outrage against Trump based on anonymous sources?

Washington Post May 15, 2017
Washington Post May 15, 2017

First thing you’ll notice is that these sources, yet again, are anonymous. Second thing you might notice, why would former U.S. officials know what was said in a private meeting within the White House?

Who was in the meeting with President Trump and the Russian Foreign Minister? General H.R. McMaster. And what does he say? He says it is Fake News.

Daily Mail May 16, 2017
Heavy May 16, 2017
Daily Mail May 16, 2017

Two people who were actually in the room say The Washington Post story is false. One of the people is a three-star General and the other person is the Deputy National Security Advisor. Why would you believe some anonymous sources who won’t tell you their name over a three-star General who makes his statements in public for all to see. Yet some irrational people claim you should do just that.

Slate May 16, 2017

Haha. Believe someone you know nothing about!

When people give their name and take accountability for their statements, you should believe them over people hiding in the shadows who whisper anonymous gossip without revealing themselves.

So what’s behind all these anonymous sources and negative stories about Trump from The Washington Post?

The Washington Post is a cesspool of gossip journalism. Fake News. They are historically the dumping ground for CIA misinformation. Now that Jeff Bezos has taken a $600 million dollar bribe from the CIA, no one should ever believe anything they read in its pages or on its website again.

Remember all this next time you smell the foul odor of Fake News emanating from The Washington Post. Don’t fall for it.

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