Even Those With Health Coverage Can Struggle to Pay for Meds

A new study reveals how many people forgo care or medication.

Last week, Drew Altman reported on a new study carried out by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the LA Times. The study’s main question: how are people with employer-sponsored health coverage faring?

While many reported feeling satisfied with their coverage, there was a disturbing trend. The study found that 51% of its respondents said they or someone in their household skipped or delayed care or prescription medications due to cost. Even when they had health coverage.

The situation was even worse for those with chronic conditions: about 60% reported skipping or delaying care and prescription drugs for cost reasons. That number jumped to 75% for those who had a chronic condition and a higher spending limit until their coverage kicked in. Getting the care and medications you need is important for everyone, but can be crucial for those managing a chronic condition.

How were people with employer-sponsored health coverage saving money? The most common method participants reported was switching to generic meds.

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