Forbes Shares How Blink is Changing the Prescription Drug Landscape

And why we’ll continue innovating.

Blink’s mission sounds simple: to make prescriptions affordable for all Americans. But carrying it out takes a lot of work.

Forbes covers how Blink Health has grown, now serving more than 600,000 patients; the challenges we’ve faced with industry middlemen; and why we continue to fight for lower costs for patients.

An excerpt from the piece gives an overview of how Blink is changing things for both pharmacies and patients:

Before Blink Health, prescription drugs were about the only thing you couldn’t buy online, Chaiken says. They were also unique in the sense that you didn’t know the price up front…. “By cutting out the middleman we’re able to reimburse pharmacies more money than they’re used to, and provide patients lower prices than they had before,” Chaiken said.

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Blink Health is not insurance. The discount prescription drug provider is Blink Health Administration, LLC, 233 Spring Street, 8th Floor East, New York, NY 10013, (844) 366–2211,