Follow the Money

Our CEO explains why consumers overpay for prescription meds.

Why are prescription drugs so expensive?

It’s a question you might ask yourself when you’re face-to-face at the pharmacy counter with a price you can’t afford for a medication you need, or when browsing the news and seeing yet another public outcry over rising prices.

It starts with understanding how the two drug markets — branded and generic — function, followed by a deeper dive into why consumers are overpaying in each.

In his new Follow the Money series, our CEO, Geoffrey Chaiken, explains how prices got so high, and what we can do about it.

Post 1: To Solve the Healthcare Cost Crisis, Start with Prescription Drugs

Post 2: Generic Drug Prices: The Greatest Public Health Crisis No One is Talking About

Post 3: The Rebate Game: How Consumers Lose and PBMs Win

Post 4: Why Pharmaceutical Middlemen Don’t Want to Break the Industry’s Status Quo

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