This Black Friday, We Need Blink Nation’s Help

Cara Bradley
Nov 23, 2018 · 2 min read

We have a very special deal up our sleeve at Blink Health.

Every time a member of Blink Nation (that’s you!) saves money on a prescription, we get one step closer of fulfilling our mission of making medication affordable for all Americans. But we want to help even more people save.

That’s why we’re offering a limited, special Black Friday deal to new customers.

Here’s where you come in.

As a member of Blink Nation, you know how good it feels to pay considerably less money for the medicines you need to live your life. Now, we’re asking you to share those good feelings with someone you care about who could also benefit from saving money on prescription meds, and tell them about our first-ever Black Friday sale.

By sharing this special deal with someone you care about, you’re helping them save $50 on their first order, and introducing them to a new way of paying for prescriptions that will help them save every day of the year, just like you do. Even if they don’t have a prescription to refill on Black Friday, new customers can still get the special discount, then fill when they’re due.

To claim this offer, new customers must use this link or enter code BF2018 at checkout.

Of course, we’ll take care of the details: the Black Friday deal includes free shipping on their first order (and on certain orders they place throughout the year), and we’ll take care of transferring their prescriptions to one of the more-than 34,000 pharmacies in Blink’s network.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ve never heard of Black Friday deals when it comes to healthcare…”, well, neither had we! So we decided to try it. And we think it’s an idea members of Blink Nation, like you, can get behind.

Feeling inspired to help someone? Spread the word! Click here to share with your Facebook friends now.

*Deal begins 11/21 and ends 11/26 at midnight. Valid for new customers only. See website for state-by-state availability.

Blink Health is not insurance. The discount prescription drug provider is Blink Health Administration, LLC, 233 Spring Street, 8th Floor East, New York, NY 10013, (844) 366–2211,,


Healthcare and the prescription drug industry are complicated. That’s why Blink Unscripted is here. To help you understand it a little better so you can get and do what you need to be healthy.

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