Why We’re Grateful This National Doctor’s Day

A good doctor can change everything.

A good doctor is life-changing. A good doctor helps you spot risks before they become problems. A good doctor guides you back to health. A good doctor helps you manage a new normal.

A good doctor looks out for you.

On this National Doctor’s Day (and every day), we at Blink Health are so grateful there are so many good doctors out there.

Part of looking out for you means prescribing treatment you can actually afford (because if you can’t afford it, you can’t really benefit from it). We’re happy to hear that doctors across the country are not only using Blink to save on their own meds, but recommending it to their patients, too.

Paula in Florida said, “I tell everyone about this. Why go broke paying for prescriptions when Blink can save you so much money? My doctor told me about this. So glad he did!”

Kathrine in Arizona told us, “My doctor gave me your information as I do not have [coverage] and you are saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars!”

Jennifer in New York added, “My medications cost hundreds of dollars a month. My doctor suggested using Blink Health to help pay for my meds and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much I would…pay through Blink Health.”

And one doctor, Dr. Azad, summed it up pretty well when she said:

“I am not only a customer/consumer who gets her own medications through Blink (because of a high deductible Rx plan), but I am also a physician who believes that Blink can revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and drive medication costs lower for patients… I have referred Blink to many of the patients I see and since we serve an often-underserved community where many patients cannot afford their medications, patients always return and thank me profusely for introducing them to Blink.”

Blink Health is not insurance. The discount prescription drug provider is Blink Health Administration, LLC, 233 Spring Street, 8th Floor East, New York, NY 10013, (844) 366–2211, www.blinkhealth.com