Share Some Skills

How do you meet new people in a city like London where there are 8.6 million inhabitants ? Also, how do you meet people in a city you’re visiting for a precise period ?


Valentine del Giudice, co-founder of ssshake, told me that the only option she had, was Tinder. This was in Finland during her Erasmus exchange. After studying fine art in Paris and Design Management & Culture at LCC, she said that she really wanted to meet local and creative people.

By using Tinder, her and friends “used it to match people, like musicians and started a group”.

We all know the struggle of trying to find people to collaborate with. There isn’t a secret society for all creative people who I know of. Ultimately, this is what ssshake is all about, it ‘helps you to connect with nearby creatives’.

Every two months, and on the first Wednesday of the month, you can go to the gathering where you can meet the ssshake team and other creatives. You can meet people from advertising to photography, but also dancers, designers, illustrators and many more. Basically, you will find ‘everything that can be useful on a creative project’.


If you can’t attend these gatherings because you’re too busy partying (no judgements here), register for the beta version on the ssshake website.

On the app, you will be able to ‘connect with your Facebook or Twitter and create a profile’. Then, just look for people based on skills, role or by industry.

Now, fly away and go get started on new projects!

Make mama proud.