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2 min readOct 28, 2023


A community launch in celebration of National Immigrants Day

Photo by Fabian Fauth on Unsplash

The first National Immigrants Day was proclaimed on October 28 in 1987, on the 101st anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. A symbol of freedom and opportunity, the Statue of Liberty has welcomed generations of immigrants to America’s shores. Throughout history it has served as a beacon of hope and peace amidst challenging times; feelings and ideals that resonate deeply with many of us at this very moment.

The third paragraph of the Proclamation reads:

Immigrants have always brought great gifts to their new home on these shores — the gifts of hardiness and heart, of intellect and hope.

Through trying times, immigrants have always drawn strength and found unwavering support through community. At Unshackled, we’ve known this to be true, we’ve lived it on a personal level, and witnessed it firsthand through our portfolio founders. We have the distinct honor and joy of investing in and supporting the best founders from all over the world starting their journey in this country to build the next great generation of companies. Our team appreciates every opportunity to work with our founders and the chance to play a part in setting free the brilliant, unique, and valuable innovation of immigrant entrepreneurs.

In the past nine years, Unshackled has:

  • Invested in 80+ companies with immigrant founders
  • 260+ immigration filings with a 100% success rate
  • Invested in critical industries like climate, food, and healthcare to ensure our national advantage

In the next nine years, we are going to do 10x more. And we know we can because we will do it in collaboration with you. We are going to do this in community.

Introducing the Immigreat Community!

Today we’re launching the preeminent community for immigrant founders, by immigrant founders. It’s a community to connect with one another and build meaningful relationships. To learn, share, and accelerate each others’ success.

An immigrant’s ambition is one of the most awesome forces on earth. Imagine what we can do with our forces combined. Can we, as a community, build (be?) the next great era of the American dream?

If you’re an immigrant founder and already know the answer is yes, apply to join Immigreat.

Last, but certainly not least, Happy National Immigrants Day!



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