Launching Our University Fellowship (2020) 🚀

Unshackled Ventures
Unshackled Ventures
2 min readAug 4, 2020

Are you a current University student who is either looking to start a company, join a high growth startup or learn more about VC investing? We’d love to hear from you.

This year at Unshackled we are stepping up even more for immigrants. You will have heard us say that we believe the American university system is this country’s Ellis Island. Now we want to go one step further to help immigrant students and entrepreneurs.

In these unprecedented times, we’ve seen how COVID-19 has left many students without internships, even facing the prospect of uprooting their U.S. lives (and dreams) to return to their home countries. With this in mind, for 2020/1 we’d like to expand our Fellowship Program to include students in any timezone (this includes international students) who are able and willing to join scheduled calls between 9AM — 5PM PST regardless of where they are currently located. As we open up access to capital for immigrant entrepreneurs, we’d like to do the same for those 1st and 2nd generation immigrants students currently working from their bedrooms in all corners of the world. We know that it’s during this time they’ll be working on their next hustle, and so we have designed our Fellowship Program to provide students with the support, frameworks, and experience they’ll need to 1) have a deep understanding of the world of investing at the earliest stage and 2) provide them with the next steps to either launch their own company or break into an operating role at a high growth startup.

Interested? Read on 🚀

The 2020/1 Fellowships

We are currently recruiting for two Fellowship tracks:

Venture Fellow Application

Content Fellow Application

🚨 Deadline for applications is September 10th, 2020 12pm PST


These opportunities are best for students that are in the latter half of their undergraduate career or in grad school and have established networks on their campuses. If you are thinking about a career in product, growth, partnerships, VC, or are hungry to be an entrepreneur this opportunity is designed for you.

About Unshackled Ventures

Unshackled Ventures is the first and only early-stage venture capital fund for immigrant founders. Besides investing in immigrants, we sponsor their visas & green cards to enable them to spend 100% of their time building companies. Our fund is backed by some of the most notable investors in the country, including Emerson Collective, Bloomberg Beta and one of the top retail families in the world. Unshackled has been featured in numerous publications and national media outlets, like the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, ReCode, Forbes, and Bloomberg.



Unshackled Ventures
Unshackled Ventures

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