Out of Stealth: Starsky Robotics drives 140 miles to pay dirt

CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher and CTO Kartik Tiwari

Starsky Robotics emerged from stealth mode (TechCrunch, Fortune). Unshackled Ventures was the first investor in the Company in January 2016.

Starsky Robotics has already used its driverless trucks for paying gigs, including hauling 5,000 lbs covering 140 miles, with 120 of those driven by the truck itself. Starsky may be the first driverless truck to move freight for revenue. And Starsky’s tech doesn’t want to replace human divers — it wants to increase their quality of life.

Starsky Robotics First Freight

When Unshackled Ventures met CEO, Stefan in 2015, we were running a concurrent process with a few others in the space. While others were exploring viable business models, Starsky was developing prototypes, partnerships and friendships within the trucking industry. This solidified our belief that Starsky’s approach was miles ahead of others and innovating from inside out.

We saw the company evolve from a PowerPoint presentation to their first robotic arm driving a minivan. Their journey is a great example of what can happen when we support immigrants at the earliest stages. CEO, Stefan Seltz-Axmacher is a first-time CEO and graduate from Drexel University and CTO, Kartik Tiwari is a H1B visa holder from IIT and Carnegie Mellon.

The company has raised $3.75M from Data Collective, Y Combinator and many others. They are actively hiring.

Cheers to making the roads safer and give drivers jobs close to home.



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