Unshackled University Fellows Program // Class of 2020

Unshackled Partner Manan Mehta in a fireside chat at Brown // Fall 2019

Potential roles & responsibilities include (not all will apply):

  • Organize in-person and virtual events with entrepreneurs on campus;
  • Help spread our content in on-campus networks & communication channels;
  • Scout and introduce immigrant entrepreneurs from your campus/region to us;
  • Help create relationships with local investors, angels, and accelerators;
  • Help us connect with student-run and university-run entrepreneurial bodies/groups;
  • Help evaluate a few investment opportunities for learning purposes;
  • Design promotional, marketing and influencer campaigns;
  • Create social media, brand presence and communications strategy on campus;

Who & How to Apply

About Unshackled Ventures



We’re Unshackled Ventures, the first and only early-stage venture capital fund for immigrant founders. Beyond investing in immigrants, we provide support for the full immigration journey to enable them to spend 100% of their time building companies. Nothing is too early for us.

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