Countdown to Venture Day

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The NextAI program officially began on February 20th, and soon comes to a close on September 20th. We’ve shared several times about our journey over the past months, and we’re sharing again as we near a major milestone for Unsist.

September 20th is NextAI Venture Day. It represents the culmination of 7 months of hard work to turn a Google Docs brainstorming session into an energy-tech startup. Venture Day is our opportunity to broadcast to the NextAI community what we’ve done, and where we’re headed. Today, we share a little bit of that with the world.

What we’ve done

We’ve spent the last 7 months challenging assumptions, validating ideas, and de-risking our business. And we wouldn’t be where we are now without the NextAI program. Among many things, NextAI provided mentorship and capital to accelerate our growth. Mentorship on strategy, experimentation, and entrepreneurship changed the way we think; and learning about the most recent developments in AI, directly from the leading researchers in their fields, opened our minds to the impact and the possibilities that AI will have on the world.

Where we’re headed

Dudon and Roi on their journey during NextAI since Feb 2017

Validation and Scale

There will always be ideas to try, and assumptions to challenge, and we’ll never stop validating as we grow our business. And for growth, our way forward is to build a business around the product that we’ve already built, while continuing to develop the product or new products to create more value for our customers and fulfilling our vision to optimizing Oil & Gas with data-driven decisions.

Mentorship and Capital

With the speed that we were learning and growing through NextAI, we know that continued mentorship and additional capital will help us reach the next stage, and the next. So in the coming months, we’ll be exploring incubators and accelerators, meeting advisors and investors, and looking to expand the Unsist team.

Next Canada Ambassadors

Lastly, as members of the inaugural NextAI cohort and of the Next Canada family as a whole, our involvement doesn’t end with the program. Moving forward we will be ambassadors for Next Canada, extending the reach and impact of the program, and fostering leaders for the next generation.
It was a wild ride at NextAI, but it was just the beginning. We’re excited to be developing technology that helps Oil & Gas companies survive and thrive, and ultimately lower the cost of energy and make it assessible to everyone.

So here’s a big thanks to everyone for the continued support and for being part of the Unsist journey. And as always — stay tuned :)

Your friends at Unsist,

Dudon & Roi

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Dudon Wai and Roi Shabshin are co-founders @ Unsist, a Calgary-based energy technology company that optimizes Oil & Gas with data-driven decisions. Find out more about Dudon and Roi on LinkedIn!