July Update

We’re Just 2 Months Until Venture Day!

~~ This article was originally posted on the Unsist website ~~

We hope you’ve had a great week! We’re just 2 months away from our Venture Day in September and we’re excited to share with you about our journey this far to bring technology to Oil & Gas! If you know someone who would be interested in our journey as well, you can recommend them here. Thanks for your ongoing support!

RBC Research Institute Opening Ceremony

In January 2017, RBC announced their partnership with AMII in Edmonton to engage with top researchers in artificial intelligence and especially reinforcement learning to disrupt banking.

In June, we had the pleasure of attending the launch of RBC’s newest research lab, the new home for nearly 20 experts in AI. The event is meaningful for us because, in parallel to this initiative, RBC is also a founding partner of the NextAI Program — which we are honoured to be participants of! We’re eager to see what new technology they develop in the near future!

Big Data Toronto 2017

This 2-day conference wasn’t just focused on Big Data, but also explored the implications of Big Data for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for Artificial Intelligence across many industries from telecom to healthcare to finance.

It was a great learning opportunity for us through workshops and keynote speeches from AI leaders at Uber, DeepLearni.ng and SAS. It was also great to see NextAI startups as guest speakers and panelists! For those interested in AI applications in HR recruiting and in physiotherapy, be sure to visit Karen.ai and Rep.ai.

Next Canada 2017 Venture Preview Day

With 2 months remaining in the program, Next Canada invites partners, sponsors, participants and the community for an evening of pitches, Q&A and mock-investing.

All startups from NextAI, Next36 and Next Founders will continue to build their businesses for their respective Venture Day finales (NextAI — September 20th). We look forward to showcasing our progress and collaborating with the Toronto community to grow our business. Stay tuned!

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Dudon Wai and Roi Shabshin are co-founders @ Unsist, a Calgary-based technology company that provides services and products to optimize drilling and production for Oil & Gas. Find out more about Dudon and Roi on LinkedIn!