What’s In a Name?

The Next Chapter for Unsist at the Creative Destruction Lab

TLDR: Unsist is proud to announce our next big step, that we will be joining the Creative Destruction Lab — Rockies (an accelerator that helps innovators transition from startups to high-growth companies).

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
— Juliet, Romeo & Juliet (II, ii, 1–2)

For any Shakespeare fans out there, this quote from Juliet represents the idea that sometimes names don’t affect what the objects behind them really are. Now, the story of Unsist and the Creative Destructive Lab isn’t about star-crossed lovers, however, I’m going to talk about the individual names behind Unsist and the Creative Destruction Lab, and why in this case, the names do affect what they really are.

The Name Behind “Unsist”

Shakespeare was a prolific playwright, known for popular titles such as Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet. He is also very well known for popularizing 1,700+ words that are now used in the common English language (like advertising, champion or eyeball). Well, it turns out he created many more words than the ones that became popular, including the word and inspiration for our company: Unsist.

A Quick Lesson in Latin: The root “-sist” literally means to stand. So, insist means to stand upon and persist means to stand through (as in: insist on an idea, and persist through hardship). Unsist, on the other hand, means to not stand still (as in: unsist to solve a need). Broadly, unsist means to never stop.

When we started Unsist, we wanted to capture our vision for entrepreneurship and our startup, all into one word. We came across words like “explore” or “evolve”, and then we stumbled upon “unsist”. When we looked into what it meant, we found it painted a distinct picture from its cousins, persist and insist. For us, unsist is to never stop seeking to understand a customers’ needs, and to never stop searching for new and better ways to meet those needs. For us, unsist is to take initiative, to persevere and to constantly challenge yourself to think bigger, and to be better.

And that’s why we’re Unsist. Our vision is to help companies use data to improve productivity and efficiency. We never stop raising the bar because we want businesses to thrive, and we want all consumers to benefit from continuous improvement — whether it’s more abundant energy, or more affordable products.

The Name Behind “Creative Destruction Lab”


The mission of CDL is to help tech startups scale. There are many startups who have brought together science, know-how and little bit of luck to develop innovation in the forms of technology, business models or processes. CDL selects only a handful of startups and provides them with high-value judgment from experts (successful entrepreneurs, investors and scientists). This kind of judgment goes a long way when the noise of countless objectives that startups could focus on, are distilled into only a couple objectives above everything else during 2-month sprints.

Why is it called the Creative Destruction Lab? The name draws from the economics concept creative destruction, a process where something new leads to the downfall and replacement of what existed before it. It describes how a process of “out with the old, in with the new” leads to structural shifts that completely change the economy.

That’s why we’re so excited to be part of CDL-Rockies, joining a community of 100+ high-growth startups including Thalmic Labs, Bridgit and Blue J. We believe the convergence of Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things present an opportunity for Unsist to develop proprietary tools that deliver value to capital-intensive industries like Oil & Gas.

We look forward to our very next chapter at CDL where we’ll be pushed and challenged to grow as a business, and as individuals as well. Thanks for keeping up with our journey this far, and for those of you pushing the frontier in your own journey, remember: Never Stop!

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Dudon Wai and Roi Shabshin are co-founders @ Unsist, a Calgary-based energy technology company that optimizes Oil & Gas with data-driven decisions. Find out more about Dudon and Roi on LinkedIn!

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