Confessions of a Not-IT-Nerd

I got a new computer. No, not JUST a new computer, I got a new Gaming Platform. Celebrations all around.

Only, I managed to lock myself out of it on the second day. Yup. That’s Me. I used it most of Saturday afternoon. And then on Sunday morning, I couldn’t log in to Windows. My dyslexic ass made the same spelling mistake 3 times on Saturday. Once to fill in the password, once to confirm this password and then later once when I got back after dinner. And the next day, I couldn’t replicate it.

It wasn’t a matter of forgetting a password. I knew what it was supposed to be. Going on “length > complexity” I hadn’t bother with capitals, numbers or special characters. So, like the Whovian I am in a household of non-Whovians, I typed in runyoucleverboyandremember (not the password anymore so I can happily share) only to see windows say “nope” again, and again, and again. I tried every misspelling I could think of. The password hint of “impossible girl” started to take on a whole different meaning.

Now, I know the store I got the computer from put in their own administrator account and on any other day this would have been a single-phone-call-quick fix. But, it was Sunday. Sunday might be a business day in the civilized world, in Aruba not so much. And I’d be damned if I was going to let the computer keep me out.

Can I just point out that I hadn’t set it up for Windows Live yet, or made the recovery disc, all that new system bullshit took second place to installing the drivers for my various devices and my Malwarebytes (love this program, saved my ass more than once) and of course seeing if They Are Billions finally ran smooth enough to play — Yes, it does and starting up this game will magically suck hours out of my day — So on to the internet I went to find a way to hack myself into windows.

There’s no shortage of articles explaining how you might bypass a forgotten windows password and that simple fact made me feel a whole lot better. Armed with this advice and support, I started my assault.

The solution was getting my system to boot up from a USB stick with a nice little free-ware utility that would allow me to reset the password. Getting the hang of getting into the BIOS setup took me a couple of minutes, it’s fucking fast with booting up, but once I did I discovered changing the boot priorities did nothing! I was still looking at the same old log in screen.

Okay, fine no problem. Another article told me I had to try to get to the screen where windows tells me there’s a problem and asks me how I wanted to proceed. My Windows 10 won’t do that if I turn the computer off without shutting down. Actually, it won’t do that if I interrupt the start up either. I pulled the plug, literally, during start up 3 times. It wasn’t phased at all.

You guys, I can’t get windows to break. What sort of dark magic is this?

Luckily I discovered I can disable booting from the hard disc drive all together. That way it has no choice but to boot from USB. And from there it was a walk in the park.

I still feel it took me much longer than it should have. This is why I’m not IT.



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