Remember When I Mentioned I Might Have A Kitten?

I was wrong

When the little white kitten showed up, it was meowing non stop. I assumed it was calling out to its mom. I was wrong. When its red sibling showed up, the meowing stopped. Two kittens, not one.

I assumed I had now two kittens. I was wrong. They are obviously not mine. They are my daughter’s.

My daughter is in the middle of her exams. A stressful time under the best circumstances. But she is dealing with some anxiety issues. It runs in the family. Hopefully she will grow out of it, like my mother and I did eventually.

Meanwhile she has her two kittens, named Snowflake and Caramel (names negotiated with her little brother and her younger cousin). It’s amazing to see. No matter how badly she’s doing at any given moment, these two come in and ‘attack’ her toes and try to climb up her jeans, and anxiety melts away. Two minutes later she’s smiling. Ten minutes later she’s ready to face the day again. They follow her around like a shadow, never very far from her side.

These two fur balls are a small miracle.

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