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Mar 26, 2019 · 5 min read
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Bitcoin, and many other projects, embody a transformative movement of decentralization and democratization of some crucial aspects of how our societies work. Unspent’s ultimate goal is to make this movement more approachable, to make it easier to understand projects, markets, and what it means to be financially invested in them. The first step in that direction is what Unspent is today: a portfolio tracker that goes beyond just that.

Hello, Unspent

After opening up Unspent to a few hundreds early users and friends at the end of last year, the larger crypto ecosystem has kept on growing and improving steadily, and Unspent did too.

As of today, Unspent is now open to everyone who owns any amount of crypto-assets, and would like to easily keep an eye on them and the larger crypto markets. Unspent gives you portfolio management tools that save you time, surfacing relevant information and insights to help you make the decisions that are right for you. Total portfolio value, price alerts, and also realized & unrealized profits, risk management tools, analyzing the performance of your portfolio or individual assets, the correlation between various assets…

Unspent is simple enough for newcomers, and powerful enough for serious investors: no matter what question you ask yourself about your portfolio or other crypto-assets, I’m confident the tools Unspent gives you will help you answer it. (And if one question goes unanswered, feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear about it!)

Not using Unspent yet? Give it a try today, or just see what it looks like!

New powerful features

While Unspent already offers a good amount of simple and powerful features, today we’re releasing two powerful features that we hope you’ll love just as much as we do. Unspent goes beyond portfolio tracking, and those features are a good example of that.

Performance histogram: analyzing performance and volatility

I like this tool a lot. It gives useful information in just a quick glance, and can tell a lot more about the performance and volatility of any asset if you dig deeper.

This histogram is a visual way to represent how often, over a given period of time, a specific asset has been up or down, and by how much.

For example, the left chart shows BTC/USD over the past year, and tells us:

  1. BTC/USD has seen a lot of red, with weekly downsides as low as -28%. 37% of the time, it has seen weekly downsides of anywhere between -4% and -16%. And 25% of the time, it has seen weekly upsides of only 2% to 10%.
  2. Figures right above the chart unsurprisingly confirm these observations: over the past year BTC/USD is down 51.39% at the time of writing, and its normalized standard deviation denotes significant volatility (you can read more about this measure by reading the additional information available when using this tool)

The chart on the right, which represents BTC/USD over the past month, shows a different situation:

  1. Daily swings range from -2% to +3%, with the majority of days seeing price moves of at most 1% up or down
  2. A normalized standard deviation so low confirms that volatility has indeed been very low this past month: nothing compared to the past year!

With this tool, you can analyze the performance and volatility of any existing crypto-asset – or even your portfolio as a whole!

Price correlations: understanding relationships between assets

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Price correlation between BTC and small caps as a whole

This correlation chart shows how two assets (or baskets of assets: large caps, small caps, your portfolio…) move in relation to each other over different periods of time.

Correlation is measured on a scale of -1 to +1. When correlation is above 0.7, it’s generally considered strong: the two assets move in very similar ways; below 0.7, the correlation is weak: the two assets have been moving in different ways. When correlation is positive, assets move in the same direction; when it’s negative, they move in opposite directions.

The chart above shows the correlation between BTC and all small caps over the past month and a half. It’s clear that those two sides of the market have been moving in very similar ways up to roughly February 18, and they very much decoupled since then.

Correlation is helpful to understand how similarly different assets have behaved in the past, minimizing risk by diversifying across assets that don’t behave too similarly, hedging with inversely correlated assets, and generally understanding how the overall market currently moves.

Unspent Pro

Unspent’s goal is to provide helpful tools to as many as possible, and all of Unspent’s features are available for free to everyone. Some reasonable limitations are in place, but the aim is that most users shouldn’t feel the need for more power.

Still, to be able to work on building and improving these tools for you in a sustainable way, and contributing to the ecosystem more and more, Unspent needs to be able to pay for a few expenses. This is the reason why Unspent Pro exists: it’s a way for advanced users to save even more time and get deeper insights from Unspent, while also supporting us.

Since Unspent is just getting started, with many more simple and powerful features already in the works, Unspent Pro is currently available at an early access price to make sure everyone who subscribes gets a lot of value for a small price. And yes, you can pay with crypto if you want to :)

Invite friends, earn BTC

Unspent Pro isn’t the only way to support us: if you love Unspent (we’re glad to hear it!) and know people who’d love it too, then make sure to send them your personal invitation link. We’re grateful for all of you already talking about Unspent to your friends, and if they end up subscribing to Unspent Pro at some point, we’d like to show our appreciation by sharing some of that revenue with you! (Read more)


Today marks an important milestone for Unspent, yet it’s also just the beginning: there’s much more to come, and we can’t wait to keep saving you more time, providing you with even more insights, and generally making this whole ecosystem more approachable to everyone who’s invested in it.

If you haven’t tried Unspent yet, have a look around!

And feel free to follow us on Medium, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram!

Finally, if you’re interested in Unspent and have an audience who could be too, then we’d love to chat: please reach out!

Thanks for reading, see you around! ✌️


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