Introducing Unsplash for Apple TV

Bringing the most beautiful photos to your living room

As you may already know, on the first Friday of every month, Unsplash hosts Make Day — a one-day event where we encourage the community to build something new!

Internally, we use Make Day to get creative and make something that isn’t part of our product roadmap. In previous months, we’ve used Make Day to bring you products like Unsplash Instant and Unsplash for Slack.

For October’s Make Day, Luke and I teamed up to bring Unsplash to Apple TV.

Unsplash on your Apple TV brings the most beautiful photos from Unsplash to your living room. If you’ve used Unsplash Instant, the app should feel familiar.

Photo by Samuel Zeller

What you can’t see in the photo above is that the app is actually a slideshow. You can customize the slideshow’s display duration and transition speeds by clicking on the Siri Remote.

In addition to customizing the slideshow, you can also pause on any photo by pressing the Play/Pause button on your Siri Remote. When a photo is paused, you’ll see a pause indicator on the bottom right of your television.

Photo by Matthew Wiebe

In a few screenshots, that’s Unsplash for Apple TV! It’s big, beautiful, high-resolution photos on your television and it’s available now on your Apple TV.

Get Unsplash for Apple TV →

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, reach out to us on Twitter: @naoufal and @lukechesser. You can also reach us at @unsplash.