⚡️ Weekend Inspiration #7

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What can you do in 2 hours per week?

One of the most common questions I get about this blog besides “why??” and “are you a robot?” is “how long does it take?” 
The answer is 2 hours per Earth-week. 
I have an item in my calendar for every Sunday morning, 10am-12. I spend the 2nd hour writing a new draft and scheduling it for the Monday in 8 days time. I spend the first hour reading the draft from the previous week, going “noooooo!” and re-writing it. Then I do some polish, insert some stupid photos or tweets and release it like that curling guy letting go of his rock, knowing it’ll smash into something else very soon.
But that’s only because nobody’s told them to grow up yet.

By Angus Woodman • Photo by Mikhail Pavstyuk

Whatever’s missing, you’re not bringing

It all starts with you… There’s nothing really ‘out there’ except for by-products of what’s ‘in here’.
Sure, you can place all your energies on fixing the world ‘out there’. It’s what most of use were taught to do. Go to a good school. Get a good job. Hope they don’t fire us and pay us increasingly more year after year. Marry the perfect person (and hopefully they stay perfect, else we’ll need to find another perfect person to replace them). Join the perfect religion and political party (and deny any imperfection we see in them). Buy the perfect house (yes, hopefully that increases in value as well, year after year). Etc. Etc.

By Jonas Ellison • Photo by Lesly B. Juarez

What’s Everyone Looking At?

You may have noticed a trend in photographs — particularly pictures seen here on Medium.
A person in the foreground (not facing the camera, but away from it) is looking outward over a wide expanse of landscape or seascape. These photos tend to be featured on stories about life (hacking, lessons, tips or otherwise), self-help, self-improvement, love, writing or inspiration.
Big open skies usually factor into these shots of this person…doing what?:
Pondering life? Pondering death? Considering death? Considering this location for a shot in their movie? Remembering a movie? Watching an animal? Looking for an animal? Looking for their friend’s house?

By Ernio Hernandez • Photos from the collection What’s Everyone Looking At?

To Hear

By Sanctuary • Photo by Anubhav Saxena
By Midnight Fires • Photo by Tobias van Schneider
By Martin Harder • Photo by Keith Misner

To Try

Made by Bear • Photo by Thomas Lefebvre

Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Find out more here.

By Alexander Scholz • Photo by Clark Stree Mercantile

Lines lets you record your travels and projects or all the special moments of your everyday life. Download from the App Store.

By PseudoAJ

A simple utility written in python that picks a high resolution random image from unsplash.com and puts it as your wallpaper; updates it every hour with a new wallpaper.

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