A festive thanks

During the holiday season, we invited our community to give thanks to the people who have helped, influenced or inspired.

Alex Begin
Dec 6, 2019 · 6 min read
Photo by Kevin Xue

Our main job at Unsplash is actually pretty simple: Highlight the amazing work from our generous contributors, and share the ways that their images are being used to push visuals forward around the world.

This holiday season is no exception. We put together a simple Typeform as a way for our community to give thanks to the contributors that have helped, influenced, or inspired. And we’re sharing a selection of the thoughtful messages here, and on over on our Instagram throughout the month of December.

Photos by Aaron Burden

I am thankful for Aaron’s huge contribution of hundreds of pictures that have helped me a lot with many projects in the past and will help in the future. Thank you so much.

Photos by Lerone Pieters

I thank you eternally, your photos are a great inspiration. I love the handling of color and how you portray the city.

Photos from Kelly’s Sikkema’s Dark & Moody collection

Kelly, your ‘’Dark and Moody’’ collection has been both a place of inspiration and a place to experience those dark feelings.

It’s, by far, my favourite collection on Unsplash. Thank you for taking the time to create it.

Photos by John Forson

One of your pictures was my phone screen), it made my heart warm up everyday for a while when I was sad.

Photos from Helena’s Reiki collection

Helena was the first person to add my photograph to her collection. Since I am just starting to take pictures, this act really inspired and encouraged me. Thank you!

Photos by Simone Hutsch

Thank you for sharing your photos on Unsplash. I love the colors and simplicity of your work.

Photos by Thomas Chan

You talk about current events and show us the discord in the world. It gives me insight in how we together can change the world.

Photos by Kirill Zakharov

I would really like to thank Kirill for the work that he has put into building an awesome community of great photographers and for the help that he provided me on understanding the impact that photography can make on certain emotions and thoughts. Once again, thanks for all the great work and the inspiration!

Mathew’s spectacular floral X-ray photographs on Unsplash capture beautiful plant life seen in a way unlike ever before. They truly are remarkable and unique. Thanks to Unsplash I was lucky to stumble upon them!

Photos by Paul Schafer

Thanks to Paul, I found the right image for a presentation on self-publishing. Hugs of gratitude for for his sharp eye and beautifully framed photos.

Photos by Josh Hild

I used on of Josh’s photos to communicate a tweet and must admit it resonated so well with the message I had in mind and for that am forever grateful.

Photo by Luke Chesser

Hey Luke! You don’t know me but thank you soooo much for the MacBook picture at Kitsune Cafe. Stay awesome!

Photos by Alisa Anton

You’ve inspired me a lot and just because of you I started taking pictures of my own.

Photo by Chester Wade

I remember listening to Cathedrals by John Lucas and I was so enamored with the song and the way God moved through it, that I listened to it DAILY. But one of the most captivating aspects happened to be the photo on the background. The way the lights and lighting surrounded the subject and captured my heart. So, I searched and searched until I could find the photo again. I searched “all I need is love and what?” and behold: Chester Wade. I love his body of work. I love the feeling that I’m walking into a place that I don’t know exists but will someday find. It’s so awesome. So, thank you kind photographer. Even if you never read this, I just want to say thank you for your inspiration; it’s undeniable.

A massive shout out to Annie for creating and sharing such beautiful images (the tones, the simplicity, the observations of beauty in the ‘ordinary’, the creativity). You bring joy and inspire so many people! Thank you!!

Photos by Hamza Bounaim

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, thank you for your inspiration. I have learned so much from seeing how you work.

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

Alex Begin

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Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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