Host Profile: Dan Gold

Feb 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Brooklyn, NY

Photo by Dan Gold — Download

Host Profiles is a series of interviews with members of the Unsplash community who arrange and host events in their local areas, bringing together the online community in the offline world.

Meet Dan


Dan Gold

Unsplash Account


Frontend Engineering & Photography

Tell us about yourself

👋 Hi! My name is Dan. I enjoy making things simple and finding shortcuts. When I was “Young Dan,” I never did something if I didn’t like it. Swimming at summer camp? Nope. Math? Nope. Eating anything that wasn’t pizza, Lunchables or fast food? Nope.

These traits have actually been really helpful to use as I’ve grown up. I’ve applied these traits to expanding my interests and accepting that I’m not very good at some things. Some of my interests include photography, cooking (I have come a long way since pizza every day), running, playing music and computers.

Photo by Dan Gold - Download

Shooting on

I enjoy all brands. I started out shooting Nikon. I started with the N65 and eventually found myself with a D70. I spent a few years with my D7000. Having not invested that much in lenses, and after traveling for a while, I picked up a Sony a6000. I quickly traded up to an A7 ii. I sold all of my Nikon stuff (sorry, Nikon) at some point. I started to miss the feeling of the optical viewfinder and found it easier to use a DSLR for lighting work. I picked up a Canon 5D Mark II to fill that void. Fuji has been on my radar, but I haven’t spent too much time experimenting yet!

Inspired by

There are so many great photographers out there! Honestly, most of the photographers on Unsplash continue to amaze and inspire me. I continue to search for inspiring work from amazing photographers from all over the world.

Photo by Dan Gold — Download

What do you love about living in Brooklyn?

I like the diversity, variety and quiet volume levels. Living in New York City has its bonuses, like public transportation, coffee shops, walkability, green spaces and more. Brooklyn has a lot of character and a great collective personality.

Favourite spot to shoot in Brooklyn

DUMBO! DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) has so many interesting things to shoot. There are lots of warehouses, parks and iconic photo spots. I really enjoy photographing the city from the other side of the water and seeing all of the old character that DUMBO has to offer.

Future Plans

I’m volunteering with NYC-based non-profits and organizations to help spread photography. I’m excited to continue to give back and help out wherever I can.

Photo by Dan Gold — Download

Previous events hosted by Dan

Shooting the sunset of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn — June 2017
Exploring Cordoba, Argentina — April 2017

Connect with Dan


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