Host Profile: JP Valery

Montréal, QC

Photo by JP Valery — Download

Host Profiles is a series of interviews with members of the Unsplash community who arrange and host events in their local areas, bringing together the online community in the offline world.

Meet JP


Jp Valery

Unsplash Account


Marketing & Community professional

Tell us about yourself

I’m a 26 years old self-taught photographer based in Montréal, QC. I love taking great pictures and I take a lot of pride in the fact that none of my pictures have been digitally altered in the making.

My work has been featured in international publications, and my first book was published in 2016. In 2017, I have been nominated Community Allstar on

Photo by JP Valery — Download

Shooting on

My workhorse is a Canon EOS 6D + 17–40mm f4 L. I also have a Olympus M 10 Mk2 which is kinda my pocket camera. Also a Olympus EP-L 1 that I literally teared apart to convert into a full spectrum / infrared camera.
Also a Phantom 3 Pro and a Mavic Air for aerial shots.

Inspired by

Hard to pick just one! So many talented photographers out there.

I’m gonna pick Nitish Kumar for the outdoors and my buddy Arnaud Montagard for street photography.

Photo by JP Valery — Download

What do you love about living in Montréal?

So many things! The weather (yes you read that right), the melting pot, the way every neighbourhood has its own identity and vibe, the food… I just fell in love with the city 4 years ago, and still am!

Favourite spot to shoot in Montréal

Well my favourite spot overall is the St Joseph Oratory at sunset. Kinda magic to sit there in silence and watch the sun go below the horizon line.

But for shooting it’s tricky. Probably Villeray and Mile-End for the diversity of moods and opportunities they provide.

Future plans

The next Unsplash collab like the Timberland one? Hahaha. I have actually two projects on queue. One about double exposures of Montreal’s landmarks on models portraits. Another one more long term that’s shaping up. It’s a photographic novel with a Life is Strange meets Thelma & Louise kinda setup. Really excited to see both grow and can’t wait to shoot them. 😃

Photo by JP Valery — Download

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