How to Overcome Photography Block

Annie Spratt
Feb 23 · 5 min read

Photography block usually strikes without warning. Personally, it comes in waves; first a general lack of creative oomph, followed swiftly by self-deprecating doubt and finally infuriating frustration that I can’t muster up any creativity or enthusiasm for taking photos. Like I said — savage.

What I have found works well to banish the block though, is to try something new, get out of my usual groove and experiment.

In this article I’m sharing some different creative ideas, along with some examples from the Unsplash community and some handy links for articles and videos that have really helped me in my own photography. Hopefully you’ll find some of it useful too!✌️


Framing is a classic piece of advice, it can add an extra layer of depth to the photo, guiding the eye into the subject. But you don’t have to look for natural framing within the scene you are shooting — you can experiment with creating your own.

Creating your own frame — ideas

Using architecture to frame an image — ideas

Using nature to frame an image — ideas


Using reflections in photography can give creative and unexpected results. These different types of reflective sources offer their own challenges and rewards, and give you a fresh perspective on your subject. You might like to consider…

Reflections in water

Architectural and window reflections

Introducing a source of reflection

This could include mirrors — both small compact and larger sizes, prisms and fractal filters, spectacles or sunglasses, plastic or foil sheets, or even your iPhone screen.

Double Exposures

Experiment with combining two images, either in-camera or post-production for an ethereal effect.

Adding a layer of texture

Long exposures

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Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.