🗂 Introducing Topics

Today you’ll notice a new set of feeds on your Unsplash homepage.

When Charles joined the Unsplash design team almost two years ago, one of the first things we talked about with Kirill was the need to introduce new feeds to Unsplash that highlight photography beyond the Editorial feed — our main feed that curates the most inspiring photography on Unsplash.

There are so many incredible types of photography that are added to Unsplash every day, but with a single feed we’re limited in what we can showcase.

The initial version of Topics is a first step in bringing deeper discovery to the various styles and uses for Unsplash photography.

We have feeds highlighting:

In the future, we’ll be adding more topics, making it possible to directly submit to a topic, and (hopefully if everything goes as planned) opening it for everyone in the community to curate their own topic.

Head over to Unsplash to check out the new feeds. We’re sure you’ll discover something new.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter or read our FAQs.