Introducing Unporn: Safe images for sexual subjects.

Our world is becoming increasingly visual. Yet, when it comes to the visual expression around sexual subjects, we’re limited to medical diagrams and porn.

The lack of quality, usable imagery around sexual subjects doesn’t make people stop talking about them. It only makes these subjects harder to talk about. Just because something may be considered taboo, doesn’t mean it should be suppressed from creative expression. Taboo subjects need creativity the most.

Today, many sexual subjects considered “off-limits” have a growing need to be communicated. Unsplash is a place for enabling creative expression. At the same time, Unsplash is a safe space for all creators. So we made a new kind of Safe For Work photography to cover the Not Safe for Work creative needs of the world.

We’re calling it Unporn.

From grocery stores to dollar stores, we searched for objects to visually communicate mature subjects in a more safe, creative way.

Our aim with Unporn is to enable every creator to visually express themselves no matter what subject they need to approach.

Unporn photos were available for a short time while we prepared this announcement. In that time, the 77 Unporn photos were downloaded 64,000+ times and used by Elle, Playboy, Women’s Health, GQ, and Newsweek.

Help build the best SFW photo library for NSFW subjects

We currently have 77 photos in the Unporn collection. To make Unporn as useful as possible, we need help. If you’ve got an Unporn-esque image to share, you can participate in the building of the Unporn collection by:

  1. Submitting the photo here:
  2. Tagging it: unporn

We’re looking for images that creatively express taboo subjects. You can use the current photos in the Unporn collection for inspiration.

If you don’t want a photo you submit to show up on your Unsplash profile, you can now choose to hide a photo once you submit it.

If you need to visually communicate a sexual subject in a safe way, we hope Unporn is useful. View the Unporn collection here.