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Introducing Unsplash for Brands

A new model for imagery and brand building

Unsplash’s superpower

An amazing thing happens when you make something open: it gets used. A lot.

Introducing Unsplash for Brands

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with a selection of companies to do just that. Our first partners include Google, Harley-Davidson, Square, Boxed Water, Le Creuset, and Timberland.

“As a brand disrupting the packaged water industry, we are thrilled to be one of the first partners on Unsplash’s new ad platform. We all know the importance of visuals in today’s digital environment. Through commissioning some of our favorite photographers, we’re setting a new norm of sustainability, allowing creatives everywhere to have access to images free from plastic bottles harming our planet.” CMO, Rob Koenen at Boxed Water is Better

And unlike other forms of advertising, Unsplash for Brands doesn’t require massive amounts of personal data and creepy hyper-targeting to end up in the right place — their utility and message put them in front of the right audience.

Full circle

Each of these campaigns not only pay to distribute their images on Unsplash, but they also hire Unsplash contributors to create the authentic, high-quality imagery needed for their campaigns.

The future

Rather than doing what everyone else has done before because it’s safe, we think it’s possible to create entirely new markets with vastly more opportunity for everyone.



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