Introducing Unsplash Holiday Cards

In three years, the number of photos on Unsplash has grown from 360 to 125,000. The number of downloads has grown from 100 thousand to 100 million. Seeing this level of support has been amazing.

Since people began giving photos on Unsplash, we began thinking about ways we could somehow give back. It started with the Unsplash Book last year. With the help of 1,439 backers, $106,705 was pledged.

This holiday season we wanted to come up with another way to say thank you to more Unsplash photographers and give you something in return. So today, we’re excited to introduce: Unsplash Holiday Cards: One-of-a-kind cards made by Unsplash creators.

Over the last few months, we worked with photographers and artists to create a collection of 5 handmade holiday cards.


Remixed by Herri Sustano, photos by Jenny Hill and Paul Itkin


Remixed by Eva Winters, photo by Todd Diemer


Remixed by Joe Cavazos, photo by Paul Itkin


Remixed by Ian Barnard, photo by Annie Spratt


Remixed by Courtney Recker, photo by Jeremy Gallman


All cards are 5” by 7” and printed in our hometown of Montreal. You can buy from one card to a pack of 25.

1 Card: $5
10 cards: $39 (22% discount)
25 cards: $75 (40% discount)


Shipping price is $5 per order. And we’re shipping worldwide so we’ll send them anywhere. Even here.


After covering the cost to make the cards, we’re splitting profits with the photographers and artists. Anything additional we earn will be re-invested into more projects like this.

While we only have 5 holiday cards right now, our aim is to continue making more and other products to support as many contributors as we can.

We understand you can nab a holiday card from any big box store. But this year, you could change that up. You could go for something one-of-a-kind. Something that also supports artists directly and helps contribute to more projects like it in the future.

Even if it’s in a small way. Every card sold celebrates the photographers and artists who have given their work without expecting anything in return.

Happy Holidays and a big bear hug from us to you.

- Mikael and Team Unsplash

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