London Photowalk with Clem Onojeghuo

Unsplash Ambassador Clem Onojeghuo recently hosted a photowalk in the city of London. Here Clem shares some photos and thoughts on the event.

One of the highlights for me this year has got to be the recent London Unsplash photowalk meetup. We were blessed with some glorious sunshine and the turnout was very good, considering I was a bit late in putting the advert out. (I would get a bit more organized for the next one, promise!).

Download this photo on Unsplash

Once everyone had arrived, we spent a few minutes doing that all important meet and greet as you do. The group comprised of a range photographic abilities and occupations including someone who worked for Facebook.

My piece-de-resistance for the day was then unleashed the… Unsplash goody bag, filled with lots of Unsplash treats, everyone received a sticker and a lapel pin, which they were all very pleased with.

We started off at just outside St Pauls Cathedral and made our way over the millennium bridge, stopping to take a few pictures of the London cityscape. Then we made our way into the Tate Gallery again for some classic photos.

Download this photo on Unsplash
Download this photo on Unsplash

Leaving the Tate we headed down the Southbank, going through the skatepark, the national theatre and finally ending up at the international food market. We even did a spot of celebrity spotting along the way, bumping into the infamous George Galloway.

We had an awesome time getting to know each other, and taking great photos.

Looking forward to the next London Unsplash Meetup, details would be announced soon!

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