Benefits of joining Unsplash

By joining Unsplash, you’re joining a vibrant community of creatives. Setting up an account gives enables you to do the following:

  • Create collections that let you organise photos you love or want to save for later projects.
  • Follow people to be notified when they share new photos or add to their collections.
  • Like photos to show your appreciation to other photographers.
  • Contribute your own photos back to the community for sharing.

Creating an effective profile

When creating a profile on Unsplash, we recommend that you add the following to your account settings:

  • Social accounts — so we can tag you in on social shares of your photos
  • A blog / portfolio / website link to let people to discover more of your work

The bio section appears on your profile, and is public. This is a great place to tell viewers about yourself and your work — and we often hear from contributors that they have received freelance photography opportunities via their profile.

If you are available for freelance photography projects be sure to let people know in your bio section. If you would like to be contacted by people, add your email address or enable the message function on your profile.

Resetting your password

To reset your password, visit and click the ‘Forgot?’ link next to the ‘Password’ field (direct link here). If you enter the email you signed up with, you should receive an email with a link shortly after.


Username allocation is on a first-come first-served basis. If a username that you want is already taken we suggest that you try using underscores or numbers to create a variation. Some members of our community use Unsplash to create private collections of photos, so while an account may seem dormant, it can be active.

You’ll be prompted to set a username when joining Unsplash.

When you set a username:

  • Ensure you add no spaces
  • Use only English characters
  • Use only lowercase letters
  • Use only letters, numbers and underscores

Alternatively if you prefer, you can login in using the Facebook option.

Connecting a Facebook or Twitter account

To connect your Facebook or Twitter profiles to your Unsplash account, login to Unsplash and head to

Please note: We are unable to connect a Facebook or Twitter account to your Unsplash profile on your behalf, as it requires you being logged into Facebook / Twitter to do.

Managing your email preferences

You can manage your email subscription preferences, including unsubscribing at

Please note, you will need to log in to your Unsplash account to do this.
Email subscription options include:

  • Announcements
  • Community Updates
  • Curated Collections
  • Events Near Me
  • Feedback & Surveys
  • Milestones and Notifications
  • Recommended Photos, Collections, & Photographers

The Message feature

The ‘Message’ feature allows other members of the Unsplash community send you a message.

This feature is enabled by default. You may opt to turn off this feature in the Account Settings section of your profile by unchecking the ‘Display a ‘Message’ button on your profile’ box and updating your settings.


At Unsplash, we know that it’s important to protect the privacy of the personal information we collect or you provide to us. Our privacy policy is here.


Your information is secure. We use modern security practices and leverage proven, community-created tooling when securing resources.

We also work with the greater security community to discover and fix security flaws. If you think you have discovered a security flaw in Unsplash, please visit and follow the steps outlined to safely report your finding to our developer team.

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