Over + Unsplash

Over’s text overlay app plus Unsplash photos. A long time in the making.

Dose MediaUnsplash

We’ve partnered with Over, one of the best, and most creative text overlay apps out there, to offer Unsplash images right inside the Over app.

As Over likes to say: Make guitars, not violins. Meaning, make things that are easy to use and easy to learn. We couldn’t agree more. We believe that anyone can create amazing, beautiful things, and partnering with Over makes perfect sense in fulfilling that mission.

Unsplash photos are now integrated right inside the Over app, serving up beautiful fresh images daily, allowing users to easily overlay text and as creative as they’d like combining the brilliance of Over and Unsplash.

As one of our earliest API partners, we are so happy to partner in a more meaningful way with Over, and to unleash the Unsplash library of images to their creative users, and in turn support the amazing group of contributors that are helping to grow this open-source movement.

So go and get creative. And be on the lookout for more integrations, coming soon.

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