Photowalk — Sausalito, California

Host David Klein shares photos and tales from our most recent photowalk

Riding the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito


Alas, it was time again for the San Francisco Unplashers to congregate and capture. This event was a bit more ambitious than the previous get-togethers and schmoozes. We decided to hop on the ferry at the Ferry Building and ride over to the quaint yet delightful town of Sausalito. But first, coffee at Blue Bottle for some pour overs and lattes.

Wash down your coffee with Humphry Slocombe’s “Secret Breakfast” ice cream.

Once acclamated and caffeinated we bravely boarded the ferry to share some beers, pretzels, and catch up on our latest lens acquisitions.

Keep your lenses clean!
Zoom much?


After some chitchatting we realized there were some amazing photo opportunities outside of the boat. Oops!

Rule of thirds, anyone?
“We get it, Dave. You like the rule of thirds.”


The boat safely docked and we began exploring by foot snapping every angle, color, and shadow.

Could this be the exact opposite of Reservoir Dogs?

And now a conversation from the original Ghostbusters:

Hey where do these stairs go?
They go up.
“Sometimes you have to climb the stairs to see what’s up there.” — No one


It was much more difficult than I expected to get a bunch of adults to sit still and look in one direction. I can’t wait to have kids (oy).

Gratuitous camera collection on the left. Ilie “no way I’m looking at the camera” on the right.
Black and white shoe? Black and white photo.


It was not quite the schlep of K2, but we managed to reach a higher point in town. We caught our breath and snapped some more.

The Sony RX1 is a neat little fellow. Check out the Electronic Viewfinder Kit attachment.


To reiterate in case this isn’t abundantly clear: Sausalito is a very cute town. We continued to wander through the streets and docks. Unfortunately the local ice cream spot was packed with a line snaking the sidewalk.

First the rule of thirds and now leading lines? Ugh.
Spots of color perhaps?

Heading Home

I was honestly disappointed when it was time to board the ferry and return to San Francisco. I had no idea what I was about to see.

“And even the word ‘raptor’ means ‘bird of prey.’” — Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park

At this point it was a fight with the wind and splashing water to not shiver while rapidly releasing the shutter. Some swapped big cameras with phones to record videos.

This would’ve made a great Hyperlapse. Remember that app?


We arrived back in San Francisco, said our goodbyes, and promised to share our pristinely edited photos in the Unsplash San Francisco Slack channel. I prefer to make adjustments in Lightroom on either a MacBook Pro or iPad Pro, and if a preset is needed I lean towards Rebecca Lily’s.

Look out for future events by following Unsplash on Twitter. Don’t hesitate to join even if you’re just a camera nerd like me. Some people only show up with a phone! The goal is to just practice shooting and try something new.

A blurry Ilie and an in-focus Ferry Building.

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