🚀 Product Update: Photo metadata, layout changes, & more

Our August Week 3 product update that we share internally with the Crew team, keeping them up to date on the product changes to Unsplash over the past week.

File metadata 🤖

One of the things we’ve wanted to do for a while was add in information from the photo to the full-resolution file downloads. It’s been a common request from the community, as it’s an easy way to help some of the problems that arise when they try to use a photo from Unsplash that they downloaded months or even years ago.

When we made the switch to using JPEGMini for the full-resolution downloads a few weeks ago, this became an option.

Charles worked on adding in this info. So far, we’ve backfilled all of the curated photos to include links to the photographer, the photo, the EXIF data, and the location.

We’ll be backfilling the metadata for the rest of the 100k+ photos over the rest of this week.

Layout changes continued 👀

Kirill finished up the rest of the layout changes to the remaining pages, fixing them up to be consistent and more hierarchical.

Some of the secondary pages that were updated this week

It’s been cool to see some of the positive reactions to the changes over the past few weeks, most notably the new live search.

Don’t worry though, we’re not stopping there. We’ve got some huge changes in store 🚀

Other things:

  • continued work on v1 of the feed

TTU: 4.12M minutes (+5.45% over the same week a month ago)