San Francisco Photowalk with David Klein

The San Francisco Unsplash meetup began on a gorgeous, sunny day led by Unsplash contributor, David Klein, who shares about the event below.

The San Francisco Unsplash meetup began on a gorgeous, sunny day at a popular cafe named Flywheel Coffee Roasters in the city’s historic Haight-Ashbury district. Cameras were compared over cold brew coffees before I, David Klein, gathered everyone to discuss the day’s agenda.

Before we departed, introductions were made, and I explained why I volunteered to host a meetup for Unsplash: the founders. I met Mikael and Steph at a previous Unsplash meetup, and soon after hearing them speak at a conference. They are truly wonderful people, and I jumped at the opportunity to join the Unsplash community.

The group, comprised of a range of ages and occupations including recent college graduates and retirees, departed Flywheel around 4:15pm in search of an ideal location for a group photo. We walked into Golden Gate Park towards the Conservatory of Flowers where we made our first stop to shoot locals and the beautiful building.

After exploring the grounds for a few minutes, we continued our journey towards the DeYoung Museum, an impressive sight considering its proximity to a large fountain and the California Academy of Sciences.

Our next stop was an impromptu tour of the park’s Rose Garden where we discovered groups of parents taking photos of their tuxedo and gown-wearing high schoolers before attending prom. There were also several people just enjoying the quiet, serene spot.

We turned back towards the Haight with the intention of stopping at the Mardone Art Bar for a celebratory drink. Our slightly circuitous route included the famous Haight Street.

We had a wonderful time getting to know each other, and we hope to see you at the next San Francisco Unsplash meetup.

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