Self Made Series with Square

Contributor Lawrson Pinson spoke about his experience on Unsplash at Square’s latest event.

Alex Begin
May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

At Unsplash, we’ve been fans of Square for a while now. Their tools empower millions of small business owners from around the world to start, run and grow successful businesses. By providing easy-to-use technology for businesses of all sizes, Square ensures that no one is left behind because tools are too complex or expensive. They’re making sure there’s an even playing field for everyone to contribute to the economy — which we’re all about.

Square recently started running their Self Made Series, to help support small businesses by showcasing Square Online in action and providing a space to share experiences with entrepreneurs in their area. When they asked us if we’d be interested in participating in their series, we thought it would be a great opportunity to speak about the impact that photography can have on transforming your online business.

The event was in Atlanta, so we jumped at the chance to involve our community in some way. Immediately, Lawrson Pinson came to mind — who’s an amazing Fashion and Editorial Photographer (go take a look at his Unsplash profile to see for yourself), and an experienced creative entrepreneur in Atlanta.

At the event, Lawrson spoke about his personal experience as a photographer, and how he used platforms like Unsplash to grow his business. He was also hired to take headshots of event attendees, so that they can use the images for their online businesses in the future.

Lawrson on the event:

Attending the Square Self Made event in Atlanta on behalf of Unsplash was an incredible experience. With the event attracting a massive crowd of entrepreneurs, I was honoured to represent Unsplash with a headshot station and showcase how important visuals are to branding your business. Being able to speak about my photography journey and how Unsplash has impacted me was game changing. After my speech I was able to continue working the headshot station as waves of people from the crowd felt inspired to represent their business with visuals. Working with Unsplash has given me a way to further expand the reach of my work and this event reminded me that I am on the right path.

It was great to hear how the event attendees and our friends at Square really resonated with Lawrson’s talk. Dana, Square’s Brand Marketing Manager said, “Lawrson was a fabulous speaker and photographer who amazed us with his stage presence and speaking skills.”

At Unsplash, we feel like this is just the start! We’re excited to keep working with contributors to showcase their experiences on the platform and how they use Unsplash to push the impact of their photography.

If you’d ever like to get involved in an event like this, join our community slack channel to stay in the loop of upcoming opportunities.

Alex Begin

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