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Unsplash Awards 2019 — Selections

The wait is over.


Photo by Charles Etoroma

Finalist: Charles Etoroma

Official Judge: Stephanie Zou — Figma


Andrei Shiptenko
Rodion Kutsaev
Jonas Denil
Kama Tulkibayeva
Martin Brechtl
Mihály Köles
Paweł Czerwiński
Faris Mohammed
Tomas Robertson
Martin Sanchez

Current Events

Photo by Hadi Yazdi

Finalist: Hadi Yazdi

Official Judge: Joel Tellier — Vice


andrie chassidy
Max Letek
Cristian Castillo
Edrece Stansberry
Jannes Van den wouwer
Meghan Schiereck
Ronan Kruithof
Stephen Meslin
Tbel Abuseridze
Zoltan Tasi

Earth & Space

Photo by Geran de Klerk

Finalist: Geran de Klerk

Official Judge: Naoufal Kadhom — Netflix


Alexander Andrews
Ansgar Scheffold
Filip Zrnzević
Geran de Klerk
Ningyu He
Houston Ray
Joshua Earle
Nicolas Lobos
Massimiliano Morosinotto
Mike Yukhtenko

Food & Wellness

Photo by Kelsey Curtis

Finalist: Kelsey Curtis

Official Judge: Alexandra Nikolajev — Pinterest


Alex Chernenko
Bruna Branco
Charles Etoroma
Dessy Dimcheva
Jan Kolar
Kelli McClintock
Mark Zamora
Mae Mu
Dan Burton
Taneli Lahtinen

Interiors & Architecture

Photo by Adrien Olichon

Finalist: Adrien Olichon

Official Judge: Sebastian Speier — Airbnb


Alexandr Bormotin
Hendri Sabri
Simone Hutsch
Joshua Fuller
Lennon Cheng
Marcus Lenk
olga serjantu
Patrick Reichboth
Matt Reames
Massimiliano Morosinotto


Photo by Simone Hutsch

Finalist: Simone Hutsch

Official Judge: Max Kaplun — SSENSE


Ales Krivec
Michal Zych
Guilherme Stecanella
Joe Green
Kiran CK
Krzysztof Kowalik
Alex Gruber
Ricardo Gomez Angel
Modern Affliction
John Fowler

Mobile Photography

Photo by Aurélien BAUD

Finalist: Aurélien BAUD

Official Judge: Nina Mehta — Mailchimp


Charlota Blunarova
Eugene Chystiakov
kim jifu
Lennon Cheng
Lennon Cheng
Kaiyu Wu
Patrick Schöpflin
Robson Hatsukami Morgan
Alexey Malakhov
Valik Chernetskyi

People & Diversity

Photo by Yannes Kiefer

Finalist: Yannes Kiefer

Official Judge: Amber Venerable — Condé Nast


Ahmadreza Najafi
Alex Azabache
Azamat Zhanisov
JJ Jordan
Katerina Kerdi
Anton Levin
Markus Stephen Griffiths
Matheus Ferrero
Peinge Nakale

Products & Brands

Photo by Francesca Grima

Finalist: Francesca Grima

Official Judge: Melissa Chai — Etsy


Alexander Andrews
Alex Azabache
Eugene Chystiakov
Hunter Newton
Julius Drost
Marko Blažević
Monica Silva
Marcin Skalij
Yannes Kiefer

Street Photography

Photo by Bahram Bayat

Finalist: Bahram Bayat

Official Judge: Viviane Labelle — Nike


Alvaro Matzumura
Donald Martinez
Lewis Parsons
Jaanus Jagomägi
Julius Drost
Sacha Styles
samuel sng
Samuele Giglio
Stephen Meslin
Yannes Kiefer


The Community Award recognizes key Unsplash contributors for their involvement in the community throughout the year. From sharing their feedback over on slack, to cheering their fellow photographers on over on Twitter — here are a few people that Unsplash can’t live without.

Priscilla Du Preez

Priscilla often reaches out to encourage others and is consistently creating images that are useful and creative. Since joining in 2016, she’s always thinking about how her images can be useful to others.

Ashkan Forouzani

Ashkan generously shares beautiful photos and is continuously helping everyone improve their photography. He’s always willing to answer questions and offer feedback to the community.

James Lee

James is passionate about the open photography movement, contributing many beautiful photos, but also encouraging and promoting other photographers and engaging the community on social media. He’s an ever-present and positive influence for the whole community.

Lawrson Pinson

Lawrson is passionate about pushing photography forward to help others and support his local community of photographers in Atlanta as well. His photographs to raise awareness for those suffering in Sudan was an example of this.

Mat Reding

Mat is a strong advocate for the open photography movement and always inspiring others with his work. He’s an active member in the community offering support and welcoming new people to the platform.

Claudio Schwarz

Claudio is an extremely positive presence in the community. Whether it’s helping someone in the Unsplash community chat or sharing stunning photos, he’s always there to give encouragement to everyone.

Friends & Partners

And finally, none of this would be possible without our amazing judges and partners for the third edition of the Unsplash Awards, who’ve strengthened the voice of the open photography movement and done such a tremendous job supporting our community this year.



Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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