Unsplash Census Report 2019 📝

We’re sharing a few key findings from our Unsplash Census.

Alex Begin
Sep 26 · 4 min read

You may remember our calls for you to fill out the Unsplash Census back in the Spring. Well, we’re excited to finally share some of the results with you today.

Before we get to the good stuff, we wanted to thank everyone (all 16,000+ of you!) who took the time to fill out the survey. The main reason we put together the Census was to get to know you a little better so that we could ultimately improve Unsplash in ways that work for you. And we feel like we’ve learnt a lot about how and why you use Unsplash, which helps us understand where to go next.

If you filled out the Census, you’ll remember it was pretty in-depth. So we’ve summarized some of the key findings below:

📸 Contributors (and contributors who download)

With over 150,000 contributors from in every country around the world, our community has contributed 433,497 photos in 2019 so far, and over 1 million photos since Unsplash first started in 2013. These numbers show that 2019 was the Unsplash community’s strongest contribution towards the mission of making images open and accessible. And with 80% of the Unsplash community considering themselves amateur photographers, the Unsplash Census highlights what we’ve always known to be true about Unsplash — that we are a platform for everyone. Whether you’re new to taking photos, a professional photographer, an emerging brand, or anyone in between — you and your images are welcome on Unsplash.

A quick snapshot of our contributors currently:

  • 70% are under 35 years old.
  • 77% are Male, 21% Female.
  • 21% are from the US.
  • 80% consider themselves amateur photographers.

Why and how you contribute to Unsplash:

  • 59% contribute their photos because of the great community.
  • 54% contribute images to pay it forward and to help others.
  • The top three categories of photos to contribute are Nature, Places and People.
  • 32% of contributors post photos every 2–3 months.
  • 65% are extremely likely to recommend Unsplash.

What features you’d like to see from us:

  • Track where your photos are used.
  • More stats to understand photo performance.
  • Opportunities for hiring & collaborations.

⬇️ Downloaders

One of the most amazing things about Unsplash is the constant creativity that the images on the platform inspire. Over 1 billion photos have been downloaded from Unsplash since 2013, all thanks to the tens of millions of creators that download images via Unsplash and our 1300+ API partners. Our community pushes creativity forward every day, using the beautiful Unsplash library to create everything from artwork to presentations.

  • 59% are Male, 41% Female.
  • 50% are under the age of 35.
  • 30% are from the US.
  • 83% are potentially interested in also contributing to Unsplash in the future.
  • 86% have credited the photographer when using their images in the past.

Thoughts on the Unsplash Library:

  • The top three categories to download are Nature, People, and Places.
  • The top three categories you wish we had more of are People, Design, and Places.
  • While we’re constantly working on diversifying our library, we were happy to find out that 74% of you find that content on Unsplash is well diversified.

What features you’d like to see from us:

  • Filter photo by style.
  • Search improvements.
  • Download and search history.

🤔 What’s next?

Changes are coming to Unsplash, and your thoughts and feedback have been a huge part of that. We’re also excited to share that we’ve already been busy working on some of the features you were most excited about in the Census.

We’re continuing to rollout major improvements to our search system — in fact, since sending out the Census, we’ve improved our multi-keyword search by 17% and added new machine learning models to include better landmark, location and colour tags. We’ve also got more improvements for search planned — including better ways to filter through results.

Another update that we’re working on at the minute is a new version of the stats area, which will better showcase where photos are being used and how they’re being found.

While all of these changes won’t happen overnight, your Census responses have really helped us shape our work and what we should be looking to next. Unsplash wouldn’t exist without our community of creators — so your input means everything. Thanks again, and stay tuned for what’s next for Unsplash.

Unsplash Blog

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

Thanks to Luke Chesser

Alex Begin

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Community at Unsplash

Unsplash Blog

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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