Unsplash Montreal Photowalk #1

9th September, 2016

A year ago we had our first ever Unsplash meetup (hosted in our home town: Montreal 🇨🇦).

Ever since, thanks to our amazing Ambassadors, we’ve had meetups and photowalks all over the world, London, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney and Seoul just to name a few.

Everyone one of them was a huge success. But it felt like we were missing something. That something was a photowalk in our own home town!

So on September 9th we decided to change that. We took a gamble and setup a last-minute photowalk, with much appreciated help from our Montreal Ambassador Stephen Di Donato. To our surprise, the first 30 spots were sold out in a day so we ended up opening up 50 more tickets.

Thanks to everyone for coming out with us on that Friday evening. It was awesome to see such diverse group of people. Based on the feedback that we’ve received, we’ll be hosting another photowalk very soon so stay put!

Here’s a selection of photos from the walk, some of which are available to download for free from the Unsplash Events collection.

Photo Credit: Liana Carbone
Photo Credit: Kevin Clark
Photo Credit: Stephen Di Donato
Photo Credit: Alexy Préfontaine
Photo Credit: Kevin Clark
Photo Credit: Ailiza Coronel
Photo Credit: Kevin Clark

If you joined us at this photowalk please share your photos from the evening using #unsplashmtl 👌

Are you interested in organising an Unsplash event in your hometown? Get in touch for a chat! Please email Annie & Luke at events@unsplash.com ✉️

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