Unsplash partners with Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2

Credit: The Verge

We are all artists. And art is a response to our experiences in the world. Every day, photographers on Unsplash share photography with this philosophy in mind. To celebrate them, our mission is to deliver as much impact as we can by spreading their photography as far as we can.

Today, we continue this mission in partnership with Google to bring a selection of Unsplash photography to Google’s latest and greatest phone, the Pixel 2.

Unsplash photographers Bruno Ramos Lara, Devon Janse van Rensburg, Koushik C, Michał Grosicki, Neven Krcmarek, Vincent Burkhead, and Xander Ashwell have been selected by the Google team to be included alongside a set of renowned artists which includes KISS, Petra Cortright, Baron Von Fancy, and Eliza McNitt.

Through the Google Live Case Artwork website, you can create your own Pixel or Pixel 2 case and wallpaper from these Unsplash photos.

It’s been said the Google Pixel 2 might have the world’s best mobile camera. Our hope is this special photography paired with this special device will inspire even more people to capture and share moments that have the potential to inspire us all.