Host Dan Gold shares photos and tales from our most recent photowalk

Annie Spratt
May 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Our photo walk of the Two Bridges neighborhood was excellent. We had beautiful spring weather for an NYC photo walk downtown. The trees and flowers were starting to bloom, which gave some new life to the city. We met up with photographers from all over the world and exchanged introductions near City Hall. Photographers in our photo walk came from from Puerto Rico, South Africa, England, Canada, Cuba and the US.

We walked north into Chinatown, and walked up East Broadway, which is great for shopping and people-watching. We turned onto Market Street for access to the East River, where our group got shots of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Our photo walk then took us through the Lower East Side, where we passed by some interesting murals, and east on Houston Street to Alphabet City, where we sat down with food and beers after walking for so long. Everything came together to make this a great day!

About the host

👋 Hi! My name is Dan. I enjoy making things simple and finding shortcuts. When I was “Young Dan,” I never did something if I didn’t like it. Swimming at summer camp? Nope. Math? Nope. Eating anything that wasn’t pizza, Lunchables or fast food? Nope.

These traits have actually been really helpful to use as I’ve grown up. I’ve applied them to expanding my interests and accepting that I’m not very good at some things. Some of my interests include photography, cooking (I have come a long way since pizza every day), running, playing music and computers.

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Previous events hosted by Dan

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All photos c/o Dan Gold

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Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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Unsplash Blog

Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash.

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