Unsplash Search is here

The most requested feature so far for Unsplash has been search.

Every day we get e-mails from the Unsplash community asking if they’re somehow not seeing the search bar, or suggesting ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you could search that big long list of photos?’ Well, the day is finally here: Unsplash search is now live! (and with a few friends too)


Thanks to an amazing effort by the community, 150,000 tags were created for the Unsplash collection in less than 10 days, which means that if a suitable photo exists in the Unsplash collection, you’ll be sure to find it when you go searching.


Searching is great when you’re looking for a very specific photo: a tiger, a coffee shop, a laptop.

When you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, it helps to be able to narrow your selection. We’ve organized all of the photos into 6 main categories, which you can then mix and match to find the right photo.

For example, if you’re working on a blog post about meditation, maybe you want something that feels a little zen without being the usual over-the-top-cliché-stock-photo. You’re not sure what that would look like, but you know it probably involves the outdoors and a human. Rather than searching for ‘zen’, you can filter the photos to just nature shots with people in them by turning on the filters for ‘Nature’ and ‘People’.

If you really want to get specific, you can combine searching and filtering.

For example, if you’re working on a website for your startup, you might want a picture of someone working on a laptop. Searching for ‘laptop’ and turning on the ‘People’ filter will give you all of the photos with people working on laptops.

4x the photos

Unsplash gets hundreds of submissions every week. There are so many amazing photos that it’s hard to choose just 10 every 10 days. We wanted to bring more exposure to more photographers, so today we’re also adding the ability to browse those photos in a single feed.

All of the best photos published on a photographer’s Unsplash profile are now available under the ‘All’ stream. The featured photos will continue to be selected by a guest curator each 10 days and published under the ‘Featured’ stream.

We’re excited to release Unsplash Search and we hope it makes finding the perfect photo that much easier.

We couldn’t have done this without your help. Thanks to all of the awesome people in the community who helped (and continue to help) tag Unsplash and make Unsplash Search: Jill B, Danielle Flinn, Leila Nathaniel, Sarah KD, Sylwia Bartyzel, Hannah M, WealthVest Marketing , Jennifer Rumford, Alex King, Kirill Zakharov, roberto cohen, Ed G., Mike Williams, Ruben Sainiuc, Dani Pärnänen, Charlotte Babb, Melissa Brown, Bo Smet, Ricardo Velázquez, Paula Wear, Carol Yates, Debi Bodett, Adri Fraga, Julia Gundermann, yehiel certner, Paul Nevin, Gudrun Habersetzer, Vrinceanu Valentin, Ansehelm Mathilde, Michael Grob, Nancy Olivas, Norbert Martin, Kait M, Josh Severs, Oliver Lade, Juliette Fong, Tim Mossholder, Nicole Johnson, Pamela Brackett, Adam Chapman, Giles Newman, Brian Benton, Elijah Maslow, Petter Johansson, Martina Selepova, Kirsten Marie Ebbesen, Lauren Sweet, Adriana Chionetti, Aaron Beals, David Brewer, Scott Hussey, Jonathan Wilson, Joey Sparks, Bree Blum, John Veldboom, jeanine jooste, George Carter, Linas LiDonas, Judith Sentz, David De Sloovere, Melissa W, Leo Faltin, Antoinette Kelley, SIlverline Lizbrid, Tara Hall, Pedro Hardt, Marta Buchowiecka, Andrew Kalek, Guido Bouman, Dan Watson, judy shepherd, Joachim Fromm, Sublistic ., Jacqui Miyabayashi, Rahul Bhadauria, gregory raby, Stephen Parker, Guðlaug Birna Björnsdóttir, Lori Brooks, John Manoogian, Bryan Dickerson, Bill Aumack, Donna Blumberg, Aleksandra Ziborova, Mara Page, Rudi Strydom, taura edgar, petra Bilthof, Chris van der Walt, Arttu Niskasaari, Kathleen Dy, Diana Rasko, Alycia Howarth, Mikkel Ingwar Karlsen, Vic Jenkins, gournis panagiotis, Beppe Bravi, Matteo Nicoletti, Jan Schmidt, Amy Pfitzner, Thomas McConaghie, Thea Westra, Belinda Jennings, Cristina Belderrain, Gretchen Roberts, Caitlin Rush, Nicola Lambert, Musole Kambinda, Kathy Doucette, Rajiv Bajaj, Achim Kubitsch, paul jenner, Casey Francis, Mary Ellen Hickman, Sharon A. Lavy, Eric Kidwell, Robyn Welling, Stephanie Bonnet, Sandy Lai, Sheryl Coe, Doug Keeling, David Valuja, Ben Go, Jinhui Tan, Andre Kaltenbacher, Danny De los Reyes, Michael Born, Anita Cohen-Williams, Katrina Wilkins, Sabrina Hamberger, Ashit Vora, Linh Du, Leslie Chappell, Joanna Mercedes, Jeff Frazier, Ma Lee Cha, Amanda Kelly, Mark Hirst, Lewis Meyers, Jim Butcher, Daniel Xu, Matthias Heil, Sheila Reynolds, and hundreds of others.